Akai portable air conditioner: costs and characteristics of the models

The Akai portable air conditioner, as we will have the opportunity to elaborate on in the course of the article, proves to be an appliance that allows the end user to enjoy multiple benefits. Benefits that we will describe and we will not only deal with that. In fact, a little further on you can already find out what are the best models of the brand and evaluate its economic aspect.

Akai portable air conditioners: prices of the best models

As announced just above, we show you in the table below the best Akai portable air conditioners. The table depicts the three models we have chosen, and below the three images you can see the prices of each product. To assess the availability of the air conditioners, simply click on the “Check out the offer” links.

Akai portable air conditioner: features

We talked at the beginning of the article about advantages. Well, among the main benefits there is the possibility to manage the appliance remotely. While you’re sitting on the couch or maybe lying on the bed, you can decide whether to turn the brushcutter off or on, whether to change the temperature or to turn a specific function on/off. All this can be done remotely using the remote control that is already supplied.
Naturally, the Akai air conditioner is also managed via the control panel located on the surface of the appliance. Among other things, control panel with intuitive controls and equipped with LCD screen.

Among the functions that we have most appreciated there is the possibility to program the switching on and off of the portable air conditioner Akai through a timer. In some models this device allows programming up to 12 hours, but with Akay Acp9100 you will have a timer up to 24 hours. And if you are interested in this specific model equipped with such programmable feature, then you can click here to evaluate its price and features.
Convincing also from the point of view of consumption, since all Akai air conditioners start from the energy class A.

Some models can also be used as a fan and as a dehumidifier. Of course we can not expect from these two features the same potential that can offer two products born to be used only as a fan or only as a dehumidifier. And this is true for every air conditioner on the market, not just specifically for Akai models.

As for the noise we are on standard levels. Consequently, if we put the air conditioner in the bedroom the less noise tolerant will not be able to close their eyes. But on the other hand there is no portable air conditioner in the world that is really silent. A bit of noise is obligatory, as these are not split air conditioners.

Akai portable air conditioner 9000 btu or 7000 btu?

On the market you can opt for Akai portable air conditioners that are very similar to each other. And to differentiate them in some cases is only the power. Depending on the square meters to be cooled you could opt for models with different power (the more btu and the larger the area you can cool). For example:

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