Ardes evaporative cooler: best models and features

If you have already read some of our articles, you know very well that in reality there is no such thing as a portable air conditioner without a tube, but specifically they are coolers that do not require a tube. Their operation is not the same as that of a real air conditioner, but they still manage to cool us down thanks to the breeze of fresh air they give off. The room is not cooled as a real air conditioner would be, it is good to specify this.
Among the best brands in the production of evaporative coolers there is certainly Ardes. Products of which we will know everything in the continuation of this article.

Ardes cooler: the best models

Let’s start to know, meanwhile, the best Ardes evaporative coolers. In the table below are shown the prices. If, however, of the same products you also want to know the characteristics because you are interested in one of them, well then you just need to click on the links below “Discover the offer”.

Ardes evaporative cooler: the features

The evaporative cooler (click on the link if you don’t know much about this product) boasts a different operation from portable air conditioners. In fact, fresh water or ice must be put inside it and the air, passing right through these cold elements, will ensure a “refreshing breeze”. And specifically the Ardes evaporative cooler in addition to providing this obvious function, we also appreciate it because it is equipped with a timer (not all models though). Thanks to this advantage you will be able to set the operating time of the cooler.

We also add that the Ardes evaporative cooler is lightweight and easily transportable thanks to the presence of directional wheels. The energy consumption is absolutely low (in general we speak of consumption of about 80 watts).
It will always be up to us to decide the speed of the cold air, since we can choose up to three different settings. And thanks to the oscillating fins the air is spread evenly throughout the room.

There’s also a dust filter (for cleaner air) and a water level indicator. So you’ll be immediately informed about when it’s about to run out and, consequently, when it’s time to put more.

Ardes cooler: prices and opinions

To whom do we recommend the purchase of the Ardes evaporative cooler?

To those who want a product that is less expensive than a portable air conditioner, that does not require any complicated installation (there is no pipe) and to those who do not have to air condition a room. So, suitable for those who want to take advantage of a cooling system similar to a fan, but with the clear difference that the coolers give off really cold air.
And why do you prefer Ardes coolers to other models?
Well, beyond the features already described, certainly one reason to prefer the Ardes evaporative cooler comes from the not excessive price[as you can see here].

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