Argo Clima Dorian: more advantages thanks to the motorized flap

Spreading cold air evenly throughout the home is very important so that you don’t end up in an inadequately and completely cold room. For this reason, some air conditioners allow you to change the position of the movable fins. Only, their oscillation may not be automatic. This means that you have to first let the air spread, for example, to the left and then to the right, all by pressing the appropriate buttons. In short, it’s not exactly a great convenience. This, however, is not the case with the Argo Clima Dorian portable air conditioner thanks to the motorized front flap with automatic oscillation. Among other things, the large opening allows even faster diffusion.

ArgoClima Dorian

ArgoClima Dorian

  • Portable air conditioner
  • Brand Argo
  • High Quality

Argoclima Dorian: control it from afar!

In summer it is nice just to relax at home lying on the sofa while watching a movie, away from the scorching heat of the early afternoon thanks to the freshness that gives us the portable air conditioner. However, there comes a time when we may want to turn it off or change some settings. In classic air conditioners you are forced to get up from the sofa to interact with the control panel. In “classic” air conditioners, however, because with Argo Clima Dorian you don’t have to get up. Just have the remote control with you and you can adjust the settings of the appliance.

Among the settings we would like to point out the possibility of regulating, through the 24-hour digital timer, both the switching on and the switching off of the appliance. Or maybe you can activate the sleep function that reduces the speed and therefore the noise. The fact remains that the Argo Clima portable air conditioner cannot be used for the night, as it is not exactly silent. But this concerns all monoblock models.
Interested in knowing more about this air conditioner?
Below is an exhaustive list:

  • Self-diagnosis: any malfunctions are shown on the lcd display.
  • Elegant design with multi-directional wheels and side handles: so a portable air conditioner that thanks to its linear structure in pure white hi-gloss can be installed in every room, without becoming the classic “eyesore”. Easy to move thanks to the wheels.
  • Automatic restart after black-out: keeps the last settings.
  • Cooling capacity 10000 btu: suitable for rooms up to 30 sqm.
  • Dehumidifier: power of 23 l/h.
  • Fan with three selectable speeds.
  • Washable air filter.
  • Double condensate drain: continuous vaporization (when in use as air conditioner) and possibility of automatic drain (when in use as dehumidifier).
  • Energy class A: estimated consumption in 1 kWh/h.
  • Maximum air flow rate: 410 mc/h.
  • Length of the tube: 1.5 metres (150 mm diameter).
  • Decibel level 63.
  • Dimensions and net weight. 800 x 500 x 430 mm – 29 kg.

Argo Dorian portable air conditioner: final opinion

For what do you prefer the portable air conditioner Argo Dorian compared to another 10000 btu model?

The advantage lies in thewide automatic oscillation (in some models it is not) that allows to spread the air evenly. We really liked it aesthetically. The pure white enhances a really elegant design.
Another reason to prefer it to other Argo air conditioners, or other brands, is given by the energy class A, so you can save money on your bills.
And if you also think that the portable air conditioner Argo Clima Dorian is a good product and that it is suitable for your needs, then we invite you to click here and see if the air conditioner is still available.

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