Argo Glamour portable air conditioner: three in one

What if the portable air conditioner was also able to dehumidify the environment or perform the function of ventilation?

It would be a great advantage, since you would only need to buy one appliance to take advantage of three functions that you usually get only by buying three different products. Well, with the Argo Glamour portable air conditioner you will be able to take advantage of this triple benefit, since the appliance can be used both as a dehumidifier (in which case you don’t need to connect the hose to the window) and as a fan ( three-speed ventilation).

ARGO Glamou

ARGO Glamou

  • Portable air conditioner 10,000 BTU/h (35°c – 80% r.h.)
  • 3 operating modes: ventilation, cooling and dehumidification and 3 ventilation speeds: high, medium and low
  • Multidirectional wheels and handle for transport, exhaust hose included
  • Dust filter easily removable for cleaning
  • Automatic condensate vaporisation in air conditioning mode possibility of continuous condensate drainage in dehumidification mode

Argo Clima Glamour: even the eye wants its part!

The portable air conditioner Argo Glamour already boasts in its name one of its most “fascinating” features, namely a glamorous design that is suitable for any domestic environment. The white finish makes it really elegant and the design is further enhanced by the silver coloured details. The rounded shape also makes it more particular compared to “flat” models.
We would like to point out that the measurements of the Argoclima Glamour portable air conditioner are: 730 x 355 x 345 mm (height, width and depth respectively). Of course, in such an elegant model there are no analog controls, but you can count on a digital control panel with LED display.

Staying with the physical aspect, the Argoclima Glamour portable air conditioner has multi-directional wheels that make it easy to move. Transportation is further aided by the side handles that are retractable. So, once you’re done moving the air conditioner, you can close them again and they won’t be visible anymore (consequently, they won’t ruin the sleek look of the Argo Glamour air conditioner).
Having talked about all the aesthetic aspects, let’s now move on to the technical ones:

  • Capacity of 10000 btu: we recommend Argo Glamour for rooms up to 25/30 sqm.
  • Energy class A (energy consumption of 1 kw/h).
  • Noise level 64 db: since it is a portable air conditioner with an exhaust pipe (therefore without an external unit), the compressor is located in the same unit that is placed inside (in split models it is placed outside), so the noise can be annoying at night. Even setting the Sleep mode you don’t get this much benefit anyway, so it is not recommended for use at night.
  • Auto Diagnosis: any errors in operation are shown on the LED display.
  • Easily removable air filter.
  • Memory and Auto Restart: the portable air conditioner Argoclima Glamour restarts automatically when the light goes out and keeps all the data we set.
  • Already supplied both exhaust pipe and fitting.

Argo Glamour: price and final opinion

Let’s now move on to the final review of the portable air conditioner Argo Glamour.
Why do you prefer this model to others?
Because it boasts three functions and has a really elegant design. Also, the price is definitely competitive . Thus, it is more convenient than other 3-in-1 models.
What are the faults of this
Argo portable air conditioner?
The faults are related to the noise (but being a monoblock model it can’t be otherwise) and to the exhaust pipe that heats up a bit too much.

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