Argo Holly portable air conditioner: no problem in case of blackout

After a power failure, classic portable air conditioners are able to restart, but they lose all their previously stored settings. This means for us having to reprogram everything again. And if you forget to do this, well you might notice after a while that the air conditioner is still on despite the fact that you had previously programmed it to switch off automatically in an hour. This is just one example, but we could make many more. However, this will never happen with the Argo Holly portable air conditioner, since it maintains the parameters you set after blackouts.
Moreover, it is an air conditioner that makes an accurate self-diagnosis so that it detects immediately if there are any problems and you will be able to understand exactly what it is thanks to the appropriate symbols.

Argoclima Holly

Argoclima Holly

  • Portable air conditioner 10000btu
  • Cools, ventilates and dehumidifies
  • Digital 24h timer
  • Energy class A
  • Soft touch control panel and LED display

Argoclima Holly: the ecological air conditioner!

Another detail that differentiates the Argo Holly portable air conditioner from other models on the market concerns the gas used. To date, the most common is still the refrigerant R410A. It is certainly a good refrigerant but it has a discrete impact on the environment. It would be better for all of us (and not only for the environment) if from now on a less harmful gas were used, one that is perhaps 99.8% less polluting. Well, this refrigerant does exist and it is R290. Gas that the Argo Holly air conditioner has.

Not only is it an environmentally friendly air conditioner, but it is also beautiful to look at thanks to a pure white linear design with silver edging that makes it suitable for any decor. Being a 10000 btu model, we recommend the use of the Argosolo packaged air conditionerfor rooms up to 30 square meters and better if not in the bedroom. The noise level, even if you activate the sleep mode, can still bother those who want maximum silence to rest.
After describing these additional features, let’s move on to all the others:

  • Vertically adjustable movable fins.
  • 2-speed fan function.
  • Dehumidifier function: 24 l/h capacity.
  • Remote control via the supplied remote control: if not, you can also interact via the soft touch control panel.
  • Programmable thanks to the 24-hour digital timer.
  • Healthy air: thanks to the air filter that you can easily remove and wash.
  • Dual method of condensate drainage: in dehumidifier mode you can opt for continuous drainage, or in air conditioner mode you can opt for continuous steaming.
  • Net weight of 32 kg: it is heavy but you can still move it easily, as it is equipped with side handles and multi-directional wheels.
  • Dimensions of the monoblock unit: 698 x 354 x 338 mm.
  • Hose length 1.5 metres (15 cm diameter).
  • Energy class A: estimated consumption of 1 kWh/60min.
  • Max air flow: 350 mc/h.
  • Sound power 65 db.

Argo Holly portable air conditioner: price and final opinion

Why do you prefer the Argo Holly portable air conditioner to another 10000 btu air conditioner?

Comparing a classic monoblock air conditioner and the Argoclima Holly, plus we have the memory function, so in case of black-out you are not forced to reprogram the settings. In addition, this innovative model uses an ecological gas that has no impact on the environment. Otherwise, it has everything you could want in a portable air conditioner.
Of course, quietness is not its strong point. So, as also written above, if you can’t tolerate any noise at night, better install Argoclima Holly in rooms other than the bedroom.
Do you think this is the right monoblock air conditioner for you?
If the answer is yes, you can click here to view the price again and check if the air conditioner is still for sale.

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