Argo Hope: thanks to X-Fan it prevents mould and bacteria

Argo Hope is not just a portable air conditioner. It not only has the task of adequately cooling a room of about 25 square meters (cooling capacity of 8000 btu), but also has the task of making you live in an absolutely healthy environment. Of course, other packaged air conditioners also boast a dust filter that traps dirt particles so that only clean air is diffused, but in this case Argo Hope offers you more. Thanks to the X-Fan function you can prevent the formation of mould and bacteria. When you activate this function, the air conditioner’s fan continues to run (even after it has been turned off) for an additional two minutes in order to completely dry the evaporator and avoid the very problems we mentioned earlier.

Argo Hope

Argo Hope

  • Portable air conditioner, energy class A+, 3 operating modes: cooling, ventilation, dehumidification and 3 ventilation speeds
  • Digital control panel, LED display and multifunctional remote control with digital display, also equipped with remote control storage compartment
  • This portable air conditioner is equipped with a programmable digital on/off timer (24 hours) and Sleep, memory, auto diagnosis and x-fan functions.

Argoclima Hope: portable ecological air conditioner!

Earlier we saw how the Argo Hope portable air conditioner cares not only about cooling the environment, but also about making you live in a room where you can breathe healthy air. But that’s not all, because it’s an appliance that also respects the environment (as well as ourselves). In fact, it does not use traditional R410A gas (still the most widely used), but instead uses R32 refrigerant.
What’s the difference between the two refrigerants?
R32 gas has less impact on the environment than R410A refrigerant. That’s why Argoclima Hope is absolutely a more ecological air conditioner.
And after describing this umpteenth benefit, let’s move on to all the others:

  • Also ideal for dehumidifying the environment: capacity of 30 l/24h.
  • Fins can be manually oriented both vertically and horizontally: so you decide the direction of the air flow.
  • Auto-restart and self-diagnosis: Argo air conditioner restarts in case of black out keeping the last settings and detects operating anomalies by signaling them on the LCD display.
  • Condensate automatically vaporized in air conditioner mode.
  • Continuous condensate drain in dehumidifier mode.
  • 24-hour digital timer: for programming on/off of the Argoclima Hope portable air conditioner.
  • Fan mode: three selectable speeds.
  • Sleep function: for night-time use; the speed is reduced to ensure a more comfortable environment and less noise. However, this noise may bother those who do not tolerate even the least annoying noises.
  • Energy class A+: estimated consumption of 0.7 kWh/h.
  • Easily transportable: thanks to its wheels and integrated handle.
  • Small portable air conditioner: only 800 x 304 x 358 mm in size.
  • Maximum air flow: 300 mc/h.
  • Accessories included: remote control, exhaust hose, adapter and window fixing kit.

Hope Argo portable air conditioner: price and final opinion

We come to the conclusion of this review with a final question:
“Why choose the portable air conditioner Argo Hope and not another model of 8000 btu?”.
Because this is a home appliance with low energy consumption (class A+), is more ecological (uses R32 gas and not the refrigerant R410a) and, moreover, introduces into the environment healthy air also preventing the formation of mold and bacteria. Reasons that differentiate it from other packaged air conditioners and make it one of the most attractive models on the market. Appealing also because of a competitive price[discover it here] considering that there are older models of the Argo Hope that cost as much, but are less ecological and consume more.

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