Argo Milton: portable air conditioner with X-Fan function

How unsightly, as well as unhealthy, can a home environment where mould and bacteria are present be?

Unfortunately, these factors also depend on heating and cooling. Maybe we use our air conditioner too often and do not ventilate the room properly. Argo Milton, to solve this problem, is equipped with X-Fan function.
What is the task of this function?
By activating it you can prevent both bacteria and mould formation. And as they say, better safe than sorry (also because sorry costs more).

Argo Milton

Argo Milton

  • Portable air conditioner MILTON
  • ARGO CLIMA / Energy class A / 10000 BTU
  • Refined design and maximum attention to details
  • Very elegant finish, pure white, “high-gloss”.
  • Slim, suitable for any environment

Argo Milton portable air conditioner: ecological and multipurpose!

For what other features do we recommend the purchase of the portable air conditioner Argo Milton?

Well one of them concerns the “ecology” factor. Everyone cares about protecting the environment (or at least that’s how it should be) and so far we’ve always used R410A gas. Certainly a good refrigerant but not 100% ecological. That’s why Argo Milton uses R32 instead, which is zero impact. Consequently we are faced with a monoblock air conditioner absolutely ecological.

In addition, the Argoclima Milton air conditioner is not only used to cool a room, but you can also use it as a fan (up to three speeds to be selected) and as a dehumidifier (1.4 l/h capacity). You can set this mode either by interacting with the digital panel (viewing the various settings on the LED display) or by using the multifunctional remote control (there is also a special shelf for storing it).

The settings you adjust remain memorized even in the event of a blackout (among other things, if there is a power failure the portable air conditioner Argo Clima restarts automatically when the power comes back on). And in case of operating problems, the errors will be shown on the display.
Now, instead, we invite you to discover below all the other features of Argo Milton.

  • Timer h24: to program the operation of the Argo Milton portable air conditioner.
  • Capacity: 10000 btu: suitable for rooms of about 30 square meters; always evaluate the level of insulation of the room, because according to this also varies the cooling capacity of the air conditioner).
  • Condensate: automatically vaporized in air conditioner mode (so it comes out together with the hot air), instead in dehumidifier mode there is the possibility of continuous discharge.
  • Handle and wheels.
  • Sleep function: lowers the noise level to 49 db and is therefore not quiet enough for everyone (depending on your noise tolerance you may not like this air conditioner in the bedroom).
  • Class A and 1000 watt/h consumption.
  • Auto function: automatically adjusts the speed according to the room temperature.
  • Maximum air flow: 310 m3/h.
  • Net weight and dimensions of the unit: 27 kg – 800 x 304 x 358 mm (H x W x D).
  • Length and diameter of the tube: 1.5 metres – 130/142 mm.

Argo portable air conditioner Milton: price and opinions

What are the strengths of the portable air conditioner Argo Milton?

Certainly the innovative gas used (as it is more ecological than the refrigerant R410a) and the X-Fan function that allows you to prevent, as mentioned, the formation of bacteria and mold. In addition, it is a portable air conditioner with a variety of features that allow you to use it in automatic mode or even as a dehumidifier or as a fan (you choose the speed in this case).
Perhaps, if we really want to nitpick, from such an advanced product we expected a noise level even lower than 49 db (only in sleep mode).

We have also appreciated it for its simple design but at the same time very elegant thanks to the accurate shapes and the “pure” white color. And to find out the opinions of those who already use it, just click here (you can also check the availability of the Argo air conditioner and review its purchase price).

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