Argo Nuk: monoblock air conditioner that uses the R290 refrigerant

Do you, as well as should be, care about protecting the environment? Is that why you’d rather buy a truly eco-friendly portable air conditioner?

Then, the ideal solution is to opt for models that use the R290 refrigerant gas.
Why this refrigerant?
Because it is a zero impact gas, therefore more ecological than the more widely used R410A refrigerant (the most widely used but which, certainly not now but in time will no longer be used for air conditioners). So, if you want an eco-friendly portable air conditioner then we suggest you opt for Argo Nuk.

Argo Nuk

Argo Nuk

  • Portable air conditioner
  • Argo Brand
  • High Quality

Portable air conditioner Argo Nuk: 24 hours timer!

For many people the possibility to use a timer is really essential, since programming the on and off of the portable air conditioner there is neither the risk of forgetting it on nor the risk of coming home and not finding a particular room already cold enough. However, not all timers allow for a 24-hour setting, some stop at 12, some at 4 (not to mention those who don’t have a timer at all). With the Argo Nuk portable air conditioner, on the other hand, you’ll be able to program it to turn on and off throughout the day, thanks to the 24-hour timer.

By the way, even in case the light fails, you won’t have to worry if the Argo portable air conditioner is more or less doing its job, because it certainly will. Seeing as it will automatically restart in the event of a power outage and thanks to the memory function, the operating settings are not lost. So, if you’ve programmed it to turn on in two hours, a black-out won’t make it forget that it has to start up in two hours.
For more information on the other features of Argoclima Nuk you can read the list below:

  • Digital control panel, led display and multifunction remote control: both close-up and remote interaction are carried out with ease.
  • Dehumidifier and fan: so we can consider it a 3-in-1 portable air conditioner; as far as the fan function is concerned, there are two selectable speeds. (low-high), while the dehumidification capacity is 0.9 l/h.
  • Removable and washable air filter.
  • Automatic condensate disposal: only in air conditioner mode.
  • Vertically adjustable fins.
  • Noise level of 54/50 db (it is not recommended for everyone to use the Argo Nuk portable air conditioner at night).
  • Estimated consumption: 800 watt/h (energy class A).
  • Max air flow: 300 m3/h.
  • Power of 8000 btu (suitable for rooms of about 25 square metres).
  • Dimensions and net weight: 680 x 330 x 280 mm – 18 kg.
  • Tube diameter and length: 150 mm – 1500 mm.

Argo Nuk portable air conditioner: price and final opinion

Do we recommend or not the purchase of the portable air conditioner Argo Nuk?

Because it does its job (the important thing is to install the tube properly and use the product in well-insulated rooms to get the maximum benefit), it is more ecological than many other models on the market and it is programmable (thanks to the 24-hour timer). Reasons that make us certainly appreciate it, as well as the price[visible here] that we do not consider excessive given the value of this portable air conditioner.

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