Argo Pearl: air conditioner with an attractive design and various functions

Sure, a portable air conditioner should do its job, but are you looking for one that looks good too?

One that can be considered to all intents and purposes a furnishing accessory that enriches your home environment?

With the Argo Pearl portable air conditioner, the living room, the kitchen and any other room where you decide to place it, will be enriched by this device that boasts a truly attractive design. Unlike the more classic monoblock air conditioners which are mostly rectangular and only slightly rounded, the design of the Argo Pearl is more curved. Which makes it decidedly more “particular”. In addition, it is totally white. This combination makes this Argo portable air conditioner an elegant product suitable for any home environment.

Argo Pearl

Argo Pearl

  • cold (10.000 BTU – 2,60 KW 2237 frig/height: Class A)
  • Pearl is characterized by soft lines, original AND PURE SILVER/WHITE termination, “High Gloss”.
  • Digital control panel with LED screen
  • Motorized automatic flap
  • double condensados outlet

Argo Pearl portable air conditioner: many useful functions!

Tired of those air conditioners that, when they have problems, do not report it?

Tired of those monoblock air conditioners that, once the power fails, lose all the settings you had saved?

Well, with the Argoclima Pearl this won’t happen since the portable air conditioner boasts an Auto-diagnostic function, so if there are any problems it reports them directly on the display. And when the power goes out, not only does it restart automatically, but it doesn’ t lose any of its previous settings.

The Argo Pearl monoblock air conditioner is also equipped with a 24-hour digital timer, which means that you can set the device to turn on and off, so you can program its operation as you like. And let’s add that thanks to the automatic front flap, the air diffusion is more homogeneous for a better cooling of the room.
These are just some of the features of the Argo Pearl portable air conditioner, all the others below:

  • Power of 10,000 btu: so it fits rooms of about 30 square meters (if properly insulated).
  • Digital control panel and remote control: you will have two different ways to manage the Argo monoblock air conditioner.
  • Sleep function (46 db): to reduce the noise during the night, even if it is not excessively reduced. Therefore, it could be annoying.
  • Three in one: Argo Pearl is an air conditioner, a fan and also a dehumidifier.
  • Washable air filter: easy to remove.
  • Continuous condensate drain: this is only in air conditioner mode.
  • Energy class A (consumption of 1 kw/h).
  • Dimensions and weight. 795 x 480 x 440 mm – 29 kg.
  • Tube diameter and length: 150 mm – 1.5 metres.
  • Multidirectional wheels and side handles.
  • Refrigerant R410A.
  • Auto function: so the air conditioner manages independently the ventilation speed according to the temperature in the room.
  • Maximum air flow: 410 m3/h.

Argoclima Pearl: price and final opinion

Summing up, why choose the Argo Pearl air conditioner?

Because it boasts a very pleasant design (or at least this from our point of view) and many useful features that will facilitate the use of the air conditioner (including the timer, self-diagnosis and remote control via the remote control).
Interested in buying the Argo Pearl air conditioner?
Then, you can click here and check its availability by reviewing the price of this product.

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