Argo Polifemo Class: equipped with the Eco Smart function

Argo Polifemo Class is one of the most advanced coolers in the Polifemo line of the well-known Argoclima brand. In fact, it is the only one in the series that is equipped with the Eco-Smart function.
What does this function do?
Thanks to thisfunction, the cooler adjusts the ventilation speed according to the room temperature. Consequently, if the maximum speed is needed, it activates it, if not, it opts for the two lower speeds. This also guarantees greater savings, although it must be said that the maximum energy consumption is 110 watts.
When using Argo Polifemo Class only as a fan, consumption is lower(80 watts).

ARGO Polifemo Class

ARGO Polifemo Class

  • Cools in a natural way, thanks to the evaporative technology and purifies the air thanks to the double filtration system; it does not require additional piping, it can stay outdoors ^ Innovative and attractive design; maximum attention to detail and finish, painted silver. Convenient carrying handle ^ ECO-SMART function: automatically adjusts the ventilation speed according to the room temperature ^ Different operating modes (Normal / Natural / Sleep/Eco-Smart): 3 ventilation speeds; Memory function; 1-8h on/off timer ^ “User-friendly” remote control, easily stored in a special compartment; Large water tank (7.5 lt)

Argoclima Polifemo Class: one of the most “intelligent” coolers!

It can also happen due to simple forgetfulness (since we have so many things to do at home and outside) to forget that the evaporative cooler is still on. It’s true that it consumes little, but leaving it on unnecessarily would still be harmful. Also to make up for this unintentional mistake, the Argo Polifemo Class switches off automatically after 15 hours of use. Moreover, it is so “intelligent” that even in the event that the light should go out and then come back on, the cooler will automatically restart without “forgetting” the saved settings.

The Argoclima Polifemo Class differs from the other Polifemo evaporative coolers also because it boasts a design that makes it similar, in some ways, to a trolley. This is due to the presence of four wheels (two large rear wheels, two small front wheels), the elongated shape and the rear handle. It also boasts a timer that allows you to program the cooler up to a maximum of 8 hours.
And if you want to find out all the other features of the Argoclima cooler in question, just read the list prepared below:

  • Four ventilation modes: smart, normal, sleep (suitable for the night as it reduces ventilation and consequently noise) and natural (alternates between a stronger “breeze” and a weaker one, as if you were really outdoors).
  • Remote control: easy to use thanks to the intuitive controls, there is also a special compartment to store it.
  • Washable dust filter: traps dust for cleaner air.
  • 7.5 litre water tank: excellent capacity considering that other Polifemo coolers boast a capacity of only 2.5 litres.
  • Not too noisy: in our opinion the Argo Polifemo Class cooler is not too noisy, but even in this case (as we often recommend) it must be specified that this is a very subjective data.
  • Double filtration system: to purify the air.
  • Dimensions and weight: 930 x 403 x 345 mm – 8 kg.
  • Supplied with synthetic ice tablets.

Argo Clima Polifemo Class cooler: final opinion

If you are looking for a product that can cool a room, you are making a mistake because this is a cooler whose utility is similar to that of a fan (only it emits much cooler air).
If you are looking for a product to be used in an airy environment and don’t expect to cool a room as well as a portable air conditioner would, then the Argo Polifemo Class is for you[find out here if it is still available].

Argo Polifemo Class White: the white version

By the way, we would like to point out that if you don’t like the Argo Polifemo Class because of its colour, there is also a different version (white), that is Argo Polifemo Class White[you can see it here]. Apart from the color, there are no other differences between the two evaporative coolers.

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