Argo Polifemo: costs and differences between the various coolers of the same line

Argo is not only specialised in the production of cooling systems such as air conditioners, but coolers are also increasingly popular. Among these, one of the most appreciated lines of the brand is certainly Argo Polifemo. Therefore, there is not just one Polifemo, but there are several models that do not boast such huge differences between them, so much so that even the costs do not fluctuate too much. And in our article we will describe the characteristics of these evaporative coolers and also evaluate the best models.

Argoclima Polifemo: the best models

As mentioned, there is not just a single Argoclima Polifemo evaporative cooler. There are more than one and among them we have chosen three judging them as the best of this series. Of the three coolers(mistakenly also known as portable air conditioners) you can find out the prices now.

Argo Polifemo cooler: features and models

First of all it is good to know which are the characteristics that all Argoclima Polifemo models have in common. Among these we mention that the objective of these coolers is not only to refresh the environment, but also to purify the air (thanks to the double filtration system).
Several ventilation modes are available according to your needs (such as the sleep mode for the night) and you can manage them (and other settings) not only by interacting with the control panel, but also with the remote control. All Argo Polifemo units are also equipped with a special dust filter and a timer (the latter can be programmed for more or less hours depending on the Polifemo cooler you decide to purchase).

Argoclima Polifemo: the “original” model

Apart from the features already mentioned above, which are common to all Argo Polifemo units, the original model does not present anything new. We can only add that the timer is programmable up to 7.5 hours (minimum 0.5 hours).
Unless the other versions are on offer, the original model is the least expensive of the Argoclima Polifemo evaporative coolers[find out the price here].

Argo Polifemo Drip

The Polifemo Drip is also a micro particle nebulizer and the timer can be set from 1 hour up to a maximum of 9 hours. Also changing is the design which, in our opinion, is more elegant with the air nozzle no longer the end of the cooler, but in a slightly more central position.
The control panel has soft-touch controls and the various settings can be viewed on the digital display.
Want to know more?
Then click on the Argo Polifemo Drip and read our review.

Argo Polifemo Teddy

Very different from the others especially for a design that define “curious” is saying little. It boasts an elongated and more compact shape[see here the design and price] compared to the previous versions of the Argoclima Polifemo. Apart from this particular aspect, it boasts a timer (adjustable up to 7.5 hours) and an ioniser function. Tank capacity is higher than the models described so far (an impressive 4.1 lit res compared to 2.5 litres).

Argo Polifemo Ion

What characterizes the Argo Polifemo Ion cooler is the ionizer function that keeps the air even fresher and purer. In addition, after 15 hours of continuous use the cooler automatically turns off. In this version of the Polifemo cooler the timer can be set from 1 up to 8 hours. Tank capacity of 7 litres.
The design is simpler than the previous ones and will probably be even more appreciated by those who see in simplicity an unrivalled elegance. And if you want to find out the price and features of the Argo Ion click here.

Argo Polifemo Ion Silver

What is the difference between the Argoclima Polifemo Ion evaporative cooler and the Argoclima Ion Silver model?

Well there is no technical difference, if anything aesthetic. Be careful, however, the difference is not in the physical structure of the product, but in the colour, which in this case is no longer white, but silver.

Argo Polifemo Class

It differs from the previous models in its design. The wheels, the support feet and the upper handle make it similar, in some ways, to a trolley. This makes it very easy to move.
Otherwise, the cooler automatically turns off after 15 hours of use, in case of a power outage it restarts itself without losing its original settings and the timer is adjustable up to 8 hours.
To find out more read the full review by clicking on Argo Polifemo Class.

Argo Polifemo Class White

Are there any technical differences between the Argo Polifemo Class White evaporative cooler and the “only” Class model?

No, technically there are no differences. The only difference is only in the different colour. As you can already guess from the name, this cooler is white, while the previous one was silver.

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