Argo Polifemo Drip: features and cost

When the water in the tank runs out, most coolers do not give any warning. As a consequence, the product remains uselessly on without giving that extra benefit that a cooler guarantees (in a few words, it will be like having a fan). Argo Polifemo Drip, on the other hand, thanks to the special alarm, warns the operator that the water is exhausted and that, therefore, there is a need to refill the tank.
Simple function but certainly very useful. As are the other functions that we will describe in the course of this review.

Argoclima Polifemo Drip

Argoclima Polifemo Drip

  • Polifemo Drip is a fan and/or nebulizer of micro water particles for immediate freshness.
  • It does not require additional piping, it can be used with open doors and windows, even outdoors, under the porch or on the terrace
  • Central air inlet with 360° rotation: optimises air flow in the room
  • It has 3 selectable ventilation speed levels: high, medium and low and an operating timer (1-9 hours)

Argoclima Polifemo Drip: timer programmable from hour to hour!

There are several Argo Polifemo coolers on the market. They all differ in design and also in some specific functionalities. Argo Polifemo Drip stands out because it is also a nebulizer (so it cools faster) and boasts a 9-hour timer. The latter has a higher value, as the other Polifemo models stop at 8 hours at most. This timer can be programmed from hour to hour (so it goes from a minimum of 1 hour to a maximum of 9 hours).

Being a cooler, it does not require additional piping and the consumption of this model is very low, in fact, at maximum power consumption is only 90 watts. Argo cooler of which we can adjust the speed (low, medium and high). These settings (and more) can be managed either by interacting with the soft-touch controls on the unit or by using the special infrared remote control (already supplied).
And if you want to discover all the other features of the Argoclima Polifemo Drip you can read this list below:

  • Three ventilation modes: normal, natural (simulates wind with weaker and stronger blows) and sleep (weaker ventilation so as to decrease noise).
  • Quite silent: we can’t absolutely affirm that you can’t hear anything if it remains on at night, but using the low speed the noise doesn’t bother you that much (obviously it depends on the degree of “sensitivity” of each of us, the noise is always a very subjective data).
  • Internal tank of 2.5 liters.
  • Optimisation of the air flow: thanks to the central inlet with 360° rotation.
  • Can be used as a fan: in this case the consumption is 50 watts and you can adjust the speed in this mode too.
  • Weight and dimensions: 6 kg – 792 x 252 x 395 mm (H x W x D).

Polifemo Drip cooler: price and final opinion

Why do you prefer Argo Polifemo Drip to other evaporative coolers? What distinguishes it?

It distinguishes itself for its noiselessness, since at the minimum speed the product is not excessively noisy. Among the other features that make it stand out are the alarm (it warns us when the tank is empty) and the timer that can be programmed up to 9 hours.
For all these reasons we consider Argoclima Drip one of the best coolers of the Argo Polifemo line. And if you also want to find out what people who already use it think, you can click here.

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