Argo Polifemo Ion: Eco Smart technology

Argo Polifemo Ion is what we can call an advanced evaporative cooler. We say this because compared to many other models on the market, it boasts Eco Smart Mode technology. Which consists in the intelligent regulation of the ventilation speed, so as to ensure the right comfort without wasting too much electricity. Therefore, there will be an excellent ratio of consumption and comfort.
In addition, it is much appreciated because it does not spread air full of bacteria in the environment (a problem found in other models), since it is equipped with not one, but two filtration systems. It is not by chance that Argo Polifemo Ion can also be used as a purifier. And not only, as we will discover during the review.

Argo Polifemo Ion

Argo Polifemo Ion

Argoclima Polifemo Ion: no need for a tube and the design is really chic!

Coolers like the Argoclima Polifemo Ion are also called ductless air conditioners. Not so much because they perform the exact same function as an air conditioner, but because there really is no need to drill holes in the windows to let the hot air out. Also because the tube in coolers doesn’t exist. This is certainly a great advantage also aesthetically. And to this benefit Argo Polifemo Ion also adds a really chic design. The pure white finish makes it an appliance that looks good in every room of our house. Compared to other Polifemo coolers this Ion, in our opinion, is definitely the most beautiful.
Leaving aside, however, the aesthetic aspect, let’s go back to deal with the technical one, and we do it with this list:

  • 3 ventilation modes: Sleep (for the night since the speed (and consequently the noise) is lower), Smart (automatic ventilation) and Natural (alternates the speed, as if it really simulated the blowing of the wind).
  • Also useful as a simple fan: also in this case three ventilation modes (low, medium and high).
  • Automatic shutdown after 15 hours.
  • 7-litre reservoir: easily removable.
  • Can be remotely controlled with the remote control: a special compartment is provided for safe storage.
  • Auto-Restart: in the event of a blackout, the Argo cooler automatically restarts from the factory settings.
  • Wheels and handle for transport.
  • Timer: up to a maximum of 8 hours (minimum one hour).
  • Honeycomb evaporative panel to ensure greater efficiency: both the panel and the dust filter can be easily removed and washed.
  • Rotary grille to ensure more even air distribution.
  • Maximum power consumption: 95 watts.
  • Noise level 65 db: so at night it can be annoying for those who want absolute silence to rest.
  • Supplied with two tablets of synthetic ice (in addition to the remote control and instruction manual).

Argo Polifemo Ion cooler: price and final opinion

Why do you prefer Argo Polifemo Ion to other coolers?

Because it is more advanced (Eco Smart Mode technology), it can also be used as an air ionizer, it looks really elegant, it boasts a timer and you can manage it even remotely thanks to the remote control. And let’s not forget that it boasts a 7-liter tank that ensures a long duration of use (some coolers barely reach 3 liters).
For these reasons it costs a bit more than other cheap models, but if you want a more powerful and advanced product it’s normal to be ready to spend a bit more. And anyway we are not talking about too high figures[see here the price of the Polifemo Ion].

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