Argo portable air conditioner: types, models and costs

On this page, we are going to talk about the Argo portable air conditioner. This company is one of the undisputed leaders in this field. Its goal is to market appliances that have a sleek and compact design, are efficient, quiet and energy efficient. All basic features that every consumer wants in a home appliance.
And specifically we’re going to go over what the features of an Argo portable air conditioner are, as well as the best models and prices.

Best portable air conditioner Argo from 9000 btu: Slimmy

For rooms of up to 30 square meters we recommend Argo Slimmy, whose maximum power is 9000 btu. Model that we can use not only to cool a room, but also just to ventilate it (fan function) and to dehumidify it (dehumidifier function). Thanks to the X-Fan system, the device is able to prevent the formation of bacteria and mould.
Equipped with a remote control, so you can manage its various settings from a distance.

Best Argo Portable Air Conditioner 10000 btu: Milton

Among portable air conditioners without an external unit with a maximum power of 10000 btu we recommend Argo Milton. Appliance that prevents the formation of mold and bacteria (thanks to the X-Fan system) and, in addition, does not even consume too much, since it belongs to the savings class A. We also point out that the air conditioner uses the environmentally friendly refrigerant gas R32.

Best Argo ductless air conditioner: Polifemo

Among the ductless air conditioners (aka coolers) of this brand, we point out Argo Polifemo. Specifically Polifemo represents a line of evaporative coolers, but we extrapolate from this series the very first model with code 398000380 that you can discover here. This cooler boasts a 7.5 hour timer and also the remote control with which you can manage it from a distance.
It should be used especially with demineralised water and guarantees a maximum operation of about 7 hours, then you will need to refill it with water.

The quietest Argo portable air conditioner: Relax Style

If you want an air conditioner that you can place in your bedroom without it being a nighttime torment, then Relax Style is the recommended choice. However, we are referring to the 2019 model, i.e. this one, and not the old 2016 version. The difference between the two versions lies mainly in the quietness, with the new Argo Relax having a minimum sound power of 48 db, so it’s suitable for use at night.
Among other features, we point out that it’s a class A appliance, equipped with the 24-hour digital timer and with a self-diagnosis function (it warns you of any issues).

The most beautiful Argo portable air conditioner: Pearl

A purely aesthetic choice that leads us to classify the Pearl as the most beautiful of the Argoclima air conditioners. Of course it’s not a “beauty that doesn’t dance”, it also boasts noble characteristics. And to find out more you can click on Argo Pearl (you’ll find out the price as well), however we can already describe it aesthetically. With a very attractive design thanks to a curved structure that is clearly different from those classic angular shapes.

Argo portable air conditioners without external unit: the characteristics

Argo portable air conditioners without tube boast a really elegant design (as demonstrated by Argo Pearl, a classy appliance).
Among the various features we point out the sleep function (to lower consumption and noise at night, and in this regard we can report the model Argo Softy). For those who wish to program on and off, it is possible to opt for models equipped with a timer (as in the case of Argo Nuk).

Some air conditioners also function as dehumidifiers and fans (among these models we recommend Argo Glamour). In addition, thanks to self-diagnosis the air conditioners are able to promptly signal any operating errors (just like with Argoclima Slimmy). The X-Fan function, on the other hand, prevents the formation of mould (a feature of the Argo Milton).
For even air diffusion, some models have an oscillating flap (as in the case of Argo Softyplus).

Argo coolers: the characteristics

If you do not want the exhaust pipe to come out of the window, then you must give up the idea of the air conditioner and opt for the coolers that use evaporative technology. There are several models on the market that boast attractive designs(Argoclima Husky is one of the most beautiful, in our opinion) and functions already mentioned earlier when we talked about air conditioners (such as the sleep function or perhaps the timer). These products are also suitable for purifying the air (as in the case of Argoclima Bear).
The most popular line of coolers of the brand is Argo Polifemo, of which you can read the reviews about the following models: Argo Polifemo Class (7.5 lt water tank) and Argo Polifemo Drip (2.5 lt water tank).

Argo portable air conditioners with external unit: the characteristics

The portable air conditioner with external unit Argo is equipped with all those advantages that can not miss in a household appliance of this kind. That is, we refer to an ecological product with a low noise level. Moreover, it is equipped with the sleep function (ideal for the night) but also with the timer function, so you will be able to decide when to turn the appliance on or off.
Depending on the model, it is also possible to use the fan and dehumidifier functions, for an even more versatile use.
This type of air conditioner is part of the Ulisse series, a line dedicated to Split air conditioners.

Argo portable air conditioner: quality and assistance are the added advantages

Argo was founded in 1929. A company that, since its birth, has never stopped searching for innovative products that could satisfy its customers in every way. All the more reason today to give assistance and help to all those who have had the good fortune to choose the Argoclima portable air conditioner, given the many service centers scattered throughout Italy. This is just one of the many reasons to choose an Italian company like Argo. Quality and assistance are always guaranteed.

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