Argo Slimmy portable air conditioner: self-diagnosis and x-fan

What if your portable air conditioner did an examination of conscience, to understand by itself, what is going or not going?
No, we are not completely crazy (not yet, at least) but thanks to your portable air conditioner Argo Slimmy, your appliance will be able to make aself-diagnosis to understand if there are any operating errors, allowing you to solve them in the simplest and quickest way possible.
We have anticipated a not inconsiderable advantage. As you continue reading, you will be able to find out what other features make this portable air conditioner unique.

Condizionatore Argo Slimmy Portatile

Argo Slimmy Portable Air Conditioner

  • Cooling capacity: 9000 BTU/h – 2350 W
  • Dehumidification Power: 1 L/H – 24 L/J
  • Linkage length and diameter: 1.5 m/130 – 142 mm
  • Number of gears: 3
  • Remote control: Yes (with compartment)

Argo Slimmy: takes care of itself!

The portable air conditioner Argo Slimmy is a product that knows how to take care of itself. It doesn’t need a mother hen to tell it what it should and shouldn’t do. This formidable household appliance is able, not only to understand by itself if there are operating errors and to warn you, but also to prevent the formation of bacteria and mold, thanks to the X-Fan system. This happens thanks to the drying process of the special heat exchanger.
Well, we have understood that your portable air conditioner is of age and is able to take care of itself. The benefits, however, certainly don’t end there. Let’s find out all of them:

  • 3 in 1: fan function, dehumidifier and air conditioner. Consequently, also a different way of handling condensation. In the air conditioner function (cold only), the condensation will be eliminated completely automatically, thanks to the drain pipe. In the dehumidifier function, the condensate is collected in a specific internal compartment. If you want a continuous dehumidification process, then you can leave the hose open so that it drains away the water. Obviously, in this specific case, it is necessary to have a basin, which you will have to place under the small tube.
  • Power of 9000 btu/h (2350 w/h).
  • Multi-directional wheels: they allow you to move the Argo air conditioner easily.
  • Sound level of 63 db.
  • Sleep function: to use Argoclima Slimmy also during the night, however do not expect maximum silence, just a slightly lower noise level compared to normal operation.
  • Three different setting speeds for the fan mode.
  • Display with LEDs and intuitive controls.
  • Equipped with remote control: which can be stored in a convenient side compartment.
  • Timer function: you can not program a specific time to turn on or off. You can only set minutes and no hours.
  • Low energy consumption: we are talking about a portable air conditioner class A.
  • Measurements: 55 x 30 x 81 cm.
  • Weight of 24 kg.
  • Cable is 1.5 meters long.
  • Automatic switch on: in case of power failure, your Argo Slimmy portable air conditioner will automatically switch on again, once the light comes back on.
  • Easy extraction of the air filter: for quick and easy cleaning.

Argo Slimmy air conditioner: think about saving you money!

The Argo Slimmy portable air conditioner manages to take care of itself with the X-Fan and Auto-diagnosis functions. The price is not too prohibitive either (comparing it to the cost of many other portable air conditioners on the market). So, we would recommend buying the Argo Slimmy portable air conditioner as agreat value for money product [even more so if this offer is still active].

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