Argo Softy: powerful and “modern” monoblock air conditioner

In this review we will describe the Argo Softy portable air conditioner, but we can certainly already say that there is also an advanced version of the same, namely theArgo Softy Plus.
And what are the differences between the portable air conditioner Argo Softy and the Plus model?
The Plus is more “equipped”, in fact, in addition to being used to cool, to dehumidify and to ventilate a room, it can also heat it. Something that the Argo Softy model is not capable of. The only other difference then concerns the power: Argo Softy boasts a power of 10000 btu which makes it ideal for rooms up to 30 square meters, while the Plus can also heat rooms of 40 square meters since the power is 13000 btu.
Between the two air conditioners there are no other technical differences. As a result, we certainly have more functionality and a greater cooling capacity with Argoclima Softy Plus, but if we do not have to cool a room of 40 square meters and we are not interested in the extra function of heating, then it is better to go for Argo Softy.

Argoclima SOFTY Climatizzatore Portatile, 10000 Btu/h

Argoclima SOFTY Portable Air Conditioner, 10000 Btu/h

  • Cools and dehumidifies – max power 10000 btu/h (35°c – 80% r.h.)
  • Digital control panel and LED display
  • User friendly” remote control – programmable digital timer
  • Automatic condensate steaming in air conditioning function – possibility of continuous condensate drainage in dehumidification mode
  • Three-speed fan – washable air filter, easily removable

Argoclima Softy: portable air conditioner with a modern design and practical use!

We have already written how the portable air conditioner Argo Softy can be used both as a fan (three speeds to choose from) and as a dehumidifier (with the possibility of continuously draining the condensation). We will have, therefore, more operating modes to choose from and this means that we will have to interact several times with the appliance to switch from one function to another. Interacting with Argo Softy will still be “child’s play” since you can do it remotely thanks to the handy remote control that boasts highly intuitive controls. Close interaction is also facilitated by the presence of the digital control panel. In addition, all settings will be clearly visible on the LED display.

Another strong point of Argo Softy is the design. The pure white color with silver-colored details give the Argoclima portable air conditioner a really elegant look. Suitable for every home environment. The ideal solution for those looking for a reliable, high-performance air conditioner that also looks good.
Still on the outside, Argo Softy boasts practical multi-directional wheels and side handles that make it easy to move it from one room to another.
Below, however, we will show you all the other features:

  • Auto-Diagnosis and Auto-Restart: it detects any problems and restarts automatically when the power goes out (the settings are still saved).
  • Equipped with programmable digital timer.
  • Sleep function: to make it quieter at night.
  • Level db: 62.
  • Motorized front flap: automatic oscillation to ensure a more homogeneous diffusion of cold air.
  • Weight and dimensions of the air conditioner: 29 kg – 795 x 480 x 400 mm.
  • Air flow rate: 410 m3/h.
  • Energy consumption(class A): 1000 watts:

Argo Softy: price and final opinions

Would you recommend buying the Argo Softy air conditioner?

Why do you prefer it to other portable air conditioners?
Because in addition to being useful as a dehumidifier and fan, it convinces with its practical features (timer and remote control that will surely be much appreciated) and its really elegant design (which makes it a welcome addition to your home).
And if you want to see how much it costs and also read reviews from other users who have already used it, then just click here.

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