Argo Swan Eco: uses only ecological gas

Argo Swan Eco is the portable air conditioner improved compared to the previous Argo Swan.
Improved in what?
In the respect towards us and the environment. The refrigerant gas R410A is no longer used. Instead an ecological gas is used, since the impact on the environment is almost 0. We refer to the refrigerant R290.
This is the main difference between the classic Argo Swan and the innovative Argo Swan Eco.

Argo Swan Eco

Argo Swan Eco

  • Portable air conditioner, energy class a, 3 operating modes: cooling, ventilation, dehumidification and 2 ventilation speeds
  • Digital control panel with LED display and multifunctional remote control; the air outlet fins are adjustable both horizontally and vertically
  • Argo swan evo is equipped with a programmable digital on/off timer (24 hours), sleep and memory functions.

Argoclima Swan Eco: and it’s even more aesthetically pleasing!

If we compare Argo Swan and Eco we will see that from the purely structural point of view there is not the slightest difference. What makes them different is the colour. Both are white, but Argoclima Swan Eco boasts a glossy white that, in our opinion, makes it much more elegant and even more beautiful to see. Then of course everyone has their own aesthetic taste.
What we have listed so far are the only differences between the classic model and the newer Swan model. What we will list below, however, represent the same features for both Argo portable air conditioners.

  • Remote control with remote control or by interacting with the control panel. digital.
  • Equipped with LED display.
  • Memory: the automatic restart after a blackout does not involve the loss of the last settings.
  • Can be used as a fan (two speeds) and dehumidifier (power of 0.9 l/h).
  • Condensation: automatic vaporization in air conditioner mode and continuous discharge in dehumidifier mode.
  • Side handles and multi-directional wheels: make it easy to move the Argo portable air conditioner.
  • Sleep mode: for use at night, although we cannot expect a high level of silence.
  • Homogeneous air distribution: thanks to the adjustable fins both vertically and horizontally.
  • Maximum air flow of 300 mc/h.
  • 24 hours timer.
  • Power of 8000 btu: air conditioner suitable for rooms up to 25 square meters.
  • Energy class A: estimated consumption of 0.8 kw/60min.
  • Minimum sound power of 50 db: so there is always some noise.
  • Unit dimensions and weight: 678 x 328 x 305 mm – 21 kg.
  • Accessories supplied: flexible hose (1.5 metres long and 150 mm thick), window adapter and glass installation kit.

Argo Swan Eco portable air conditioner: final opinion

Do we recommend the purchase of the portable air conditioner Argo Swan Eco?

Yes, as long as you use it for small rooms not exceeding 25 sqm. And preferably not in the bedroom, as the 50 db level cannot guarantee everyone the desired maximum silence. Then, if you are well tolerant to noise, welcome such installation in the bedroom too, of course.
The main reason why we recommend purchasing it[see here if it’s still available] concerns the new feature it introduces, namely the use of an ecological gas. For the rest, Argoclima Swan Eco boasts all the fundamental characteristics that a portable air conditioner must have. With the addition of some goodies such as the adjustable fins (for an even distribution of air in the environment) and the timer of 24 hours.

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