Argoclima Bear: purifying cooler not too expensive

Are you looking for a cooler that not only cools the air, but also purifies it?

Are you looking for a model that is not excessively expensive?

Then, we suggest the purchase of Argoclima Bear. It performs excellently the function of refresher and thanks to the double filtration system it manages at the same time to purify the air. Therefore, it performs two functions. Among other things, it is also equipped with a washable filter that traps dust instead of spreading it in the environment.
Of course, being an evaporative cooler (and not a real portable air conditioner) it should not be used to cool the room, but only as if it were a fan (much more effective though). It follows that the windows or doors of the room you use it in can also remain open.

Argoclima Bear

Argoclima Bear

  • Evaporative cooler
  • Automatic air fin oscillation
  • Remote control

Argoclima Bear: cooler with three modes!

With Argoclima Bear you don’t have to be satisfied with just the typical “normal” ventilation, which is no different from the one already widely used in other evaporative coolers. In this case you can also opt for two other modes: sleep and natural.
The sleep function reduces the speed to ensure less noise (however, the noise can still be annoying at night, but this is a very subjective factor), while the natural mode simulates the wind. Thanks to this new feature, you will be hit by a stronger and weaker cool breeze at times.
And if you want to evaluate all the other features of this evaporative cooler from the well-known brand Argo, then just read the list we have prepared below:

  • Equipped with remote control: there is no need to approach the cooler to adjust the various settings, everything can be managed remotely thanks to the use of the remote control (already included).
  • Programmable: Argoclima Bear can be programmed thanks to the timer (from 0.5 to 7.5 hours).
  • Side handles and multi-directional wheels: evaporative cooler easy to move.
  • Adjustable ventilation speed in low, medium and high.
  • Water tank capacity 10 liters: we are talking about a gross value, however, as the net value is about 8/9 liters, but the capacity is really impressive and this clearly differentiates this product from other coolers. It lasts longer and, therefore, you will have to put in the water or ice less times.
  • Maximum consumption: 65 watts.
  • Automatic oscillation of the fins: for a more even spread.
  • Ice bars not included.
  • Dimensions and weight: 700 x 383 x 322 mm – 7.8 kg.

Argo Bear: affordable evaporative cooler!

Why choose Argoclima Bear and not another evaporative cooler?

Because it boasts a large tank (10 litres), it also works as a purifier and you can set the natural function (so it will seem as if there is a pleasant breeze in the house). Moreover, considering all the features, the price is really competitive[see it here], which is why we suggest it to anyone who wants a cooler at home.
Remember, it’s not an air conditioner and it doesn’t cool a room like a portable air conditioner would do.

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