Argoclima Relax: the 3-in-1 for triple relaxation

The name already says it all. Argoclima Relax is a portable air conditioner that will really allow you to relax, thanks to the Sleep function and a low noise level. But perhaps the feature that will attract your attention the most is the 3 in 1, that is the possibility to have in a single appliance: a fan, a dehumidifier and an air conditioner.
We just have to discover all the other advantages of the Argoclima Relax portable air conditioner.

Argoclima Relax

Argoclima Relax

  • Portable air conditioner
  • 10,000 btu
  • Sleep function

Argo Relax: a function for every situation!

The Argoclima Relax is a portable air conditioner with three functions: fan, dehumidifier and air conditioner. So, depending on your needs, you can either dehumidify the environment or enjoy a blast of cold air, as if you had a fan with three selectable speeds. Otherwise, use your portable air conditioner for its main purpose and that is, to cool an entire room. This Argo portable air conditioner is “cooling only“, so it won’t be able to be used in the winter as well.

Depending on the use, the vaporization of the condensate will change.
Selecting the “cold only” mode, the condensate is vaporized automatically and, if the tank (due to too much humidity) should fill up, you will be warned with 8 beeps.
Selecting the dehumidifier mode, the condensate is “put” in a special internal compartment. For more continuous use, you can leave the small tube open so that it can drain the water. Obviously, put a basin where the water will be discharged, in order to avoid wetting everything.
The advantages of the Argoclima Relax do not end here, let’s see them all.

  • Power 10,000 btu (2.7 kw): ideal for rooms measuring about 30 square meters, but has also been tested for surfaces up to 40 square meters (but this also depends on the level of insulation of the room).
  • It is equipped with a sleep function: so at night, the noise level will be lowered further, and you can rest peacefully. You won’t have to worry about the room temperature, as your Argo portable air conditioner will automatically set the right room temperature.
  • It is equipped with a Timer function: with which you can set your Argoclima Relax portable air conditioner to turn on and off as and when you want.
  • Hole not compulsory: Argoclima Relax is equipped with a hose, but before you run away, we can tell you right away that you can not make any hole in the window. In fact, in the contents of the package, you will find both the fittings to set up a hole on the glass and the mobile fitting (so you don’t have to drill anything at all).
  • The noise level is 65 db.
  • The dimensions are not at all voluminous, we speak of a small portable air conditioner: the dimensions are 35 x 39.4 x 78 cm.
  • In case the light goes out, but then comes back on, your portable air conditioner will turn on again automatically.
  • The energy-saving class is A, which means low energy consumption.
  • It will be very easy to transport it from one room to another, thanks to the multi-directional wheels.
  • LED display and easy-to-use controls. Alternatively, a remote control is also available. When you don’t need the remote control, rather than leaving it lying around, you can store it in the storage compartment on the side.
  • You can remove and wash the air filter quickly and easily.
  • The “High Closs” design makes it ideal for any environment, thanks to the glossy white finish.

Argo Relax air conditioner: price and final opinion

Argoclima Relax, as you could see, boasts many features that testify that this portable air conditioner is a truly “complete” product. Precisely for this reason we recommend its purchase. Of course, it’s not cheap (after all, it’s still an air conditioner, a product that you can’t buy for a small price) but if this offer is valid you can buy it at a lower price.

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