Argoclima Softy Plus: suitable for multiple needs

Are you looking for a portable air conditioner that can also be used to heat the room?

So, a product that does not cease to be useful at the end of the summer, but instead is useful for all seasons?

Then, for sure with Argoclima Softy Plus you can be more than satisfied, since this portable air conditioner also performs the function of a heater (rated power consumption in heating of 1100 watts).
And be careful, because it can also be used as a fan and dehumidifier.

Argoclima Softy Plus

Argoclima Softy Plus

  • Portable air conditioner: max. power 13000 btu/h (35°c – 80% r.h.)
  • 4 operating modes: ventilation, cooling, heating and dehumidification
  • Digital control panel with LED display and “user friendly” remote control with programmable digital timer
  • Automatic vaporization of condensate in air conditioning function possibility of continuous condensate drainage in dehumidification mode

Argo Softy Plus air conditioner: it really cools without making too much noise!

Sometimes we are dissatisfied after buying a portable air conditioner because maybe it does not cool as we wanted. This may have been due to an error in judgement on our part (not having calculated the btu needed properly), but it also depends on the air conditioner itself. If we don’t rely on quality brands, such as Argoclima, we risk doing bad business. And we will notice several defects such as perhaps a low power compared to what is declared, air that does not come out cold enough and excessive noise. These are defects that you won’t notice with the Argoclima Softy Plus, since the air comes out really cold (you only need to stand in front of the air outlet for a few seconds to realize this), managing to cool a room of about 30/40 square meters without any problem. On the other hand, the power of this appliance is 13000 btu.

Despite being so powerful we are not faced with a portable air conditioner too noisy (noise level of 62 db). Of course, far be it from us to say that you can safely put it in your bedroom, because if even the smallest noise bothers you, you certainly won’t be able to sleep. But we can say that it’s not as noisy as many other portable air conditioners. Moreover, activating the sleep mode this noise decays a bit(it goes to 50 db).

As mentioned, it can also be used as a fan and in this case you can adjust up to three speeds. As a dehumidifier, two modes can be activated: Dry (expels condensation from the pipe) and Cool (condensation is discharged into a tray). Consumption in dehumidifier mode is 1180 watts (which is equivalent to the power consumption of the Argoclima Softy Plus as an air conditioner).
Speaking of which, we would like to summarize the additional features in this bulleted list:

  • Elegant design: enhanced by a pure white and silver finish
  • Front flap with automatic oscillation: so as to better direct the diffusion of air in the environment.
  • Digital timer: programmable from hour to hour.
  • Auto Restart and Auto Diagnosis: in the first case it restarts automatically when there is no light, in the second case it signals any problems.
  • Easily washable and removable air filter.
  • Multidirectional wheels: they facilitate the movement of the portable air conditioner.
  • Easy and intuitive management: thanks to the digital control panel and the LED display; management can also be done remotely thanks to the remote control.
  • Equipped with thermostat.
  • Energy class: A+.
  • Maximum air flow: 410 m3/h.
  • Dimensions and weight of Argo air conditioner: 795 x 480 x 400 mm – 32.5 kg.
  • Length and diameter of the tube: 1.5 m – 150/140 mm.

Argo Softy Plus: price and opinions

Why buy the Argoclima Softy Plus portable air conditioner and not maybe another air conditioner?

Because it keeps what it promises. We consider it an excellent portable air conditioner whose power is suitable for rooms of 30/40 square meters (indicative value also because you have to assess the degree of insulation of the same, a factor never to be underestimated) that when necessary in addition to transforming into dehumidifier and fan, can also be used as a heater (without consuming too much). Of course, it is most useful as an air conditioner.
In addition, it is a portable air conditioner in step with the times since it boasts many useful functions (timer and remote control for example). So, we definitely recommend buying it[see here if it’s still available].

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