Beko portable air conditioner: strengths and costs

What distinguishes the Beko portable air condition er is that it is not just an air conditioner suitable for cooling a room. And this already puts this appliance on a different level compared to other models on the market. In fact, with a Beko portable air conditioner you can not only use it in the summer to protect yourself from excessive heat, but you can also use it in the winter to heat the same room that you cool in the summer. And it doesn’t end there, as the air conditioner also acts as a dehumidifier.
You’re basically getting one but it’s like getting three appliances.

Beko portable air conditioners: prices of the best models

What are the best Beko portable air conditioners?

We’ve selected the best ones, and you can see their prices in the table below. If you also want to find out the features of the same appliances and perhaps read any reviews of those who have already bought them, then all you have to do is click on the links provided below the three photos.

Beko portable air conditioner: the characteristics

We have already talked about one of the most important advantages of this appliance, namely the “3 in 1”. But now it’s time to think about all the other benefits, starting with the timer. Thanks to this handy feature you can set the time interval in which the air conditioner should remain on. So you can also keep consumption under control. What’s more, thanks to the adjustable thermostat, the Beko portable air conditioner works automatically, maintaining a pleasant temperature (according to the level you want).

Do you want to use it to heat or cool your bedroom at night?

This is possible for three reasons. The first is the noise level, which in our opinion is not excessive. Although it must be admitted that noise is a very subjective factor (unless you’re dealing with very noisy appliances, which is certainly not the case). The second is the Sleep function that allows you to further reduce the noise.
The third and last reason concerns the timer. You will be the one to set the running time of the Beko portable air conditioner. So, if you want it to turn off after an hour, for example, you just need to set and select that parameter.

The Beko portable air conditioner can also be controlled remotely (using the remote control). Close control is quick and easy thanks to the intuitive controls and LCD display. In addition, you can direct the air as you prefer thanks to the mobile fins.

Beko portable air conditioner: prices and opinions

Having described the advantages and already seen the best Beko portable air conditioners, let’s move on to the “economic evaluation”. Like any portable air conditioner even the models of Beko do not cost little, however some air conditioners [like this one] boast a highly competitive cost. We would like to point out that, by clicking on the link just shown, you will also be able to view any comments from users who have already purchased the Beko portable air conditioner, as well as being able to search (always on the same site) for other models.

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