Bimar cooler: the best models and features

The Bimar cooler represents one of the best choices in the panorama of air treatment systems. Its task is not to lower the temperature as a real portable air conditioner, but still manages to cool us down thanks to the pleasant cold breeze.
About this appliance we will discover everything in the course of the article, where you can view the prices of the best models (chosen by us), evaluate the features and read prue of the in-depth reviews.

Bimar cooler: reviews and prices of the best models

We want to continue the article by showing you what we believe to be the best Bimar evaporative coolers. In addition to viewing the economic side of these products, you can also learn more by either clicking on the links in the table (i.e. the “Discover the offer” links) or by reading one of our reviews.
Below are the links to the reviews.

Bimar cooler, purifier and fan: 3 in 1!

The Bimar is not only a cooler, but it can also be used in place of two other popular appliances. In fact, it also acts as a fan and a purifier. Therefore, the first allows us to use the cooler as a very simple ventilation system (three selectable speeds), while the second allows us to purify the air in the room.
And among the recommended models equipped with this triple functionality we mention once again the Bimar vr 30[you can buy it here, if interested].

Bimar evaporative cooler: the characteristics

Among the features of the cooler Bimar we can not fail to mention right away the anti-dust filter that is a further help to prevent the spread of polluted air in the environment. And we must specify that compared to the filters of other classic coolers, those used by Bimar can be removed with ease. And of course we are talking about washable filters.

Not all Bimar coolers are equipped with the convenient Timer function, so you can program in advance the period of operation of the product. Among the models equipped with the timer (up to 8 hours) we mention the Bimar vr21 that you can find out more in this site. Among other things, the model just mentioned also has a remote control.
Depending on the Bimar cooler you decide to purchase, the capacity of the tank will change. As we know, the larger the tank, the longer the duration of operation. And as a result, fewer refills of ice or water will be required. Among the coolers with the largest tank (8 liters) we mention the Bimar vr28[you can find out about it here].

Among the most positive aspects of these products is also the design. All models boast a compact and elegant structure, so as to be beautiful to see and not too bulky. Even the weight is not excessive, however, some models such as Bimar vr26 [you can find out the price and features by clicking here] are equipped with special wheels, so moving the appliance is child’s play.
Also from the “aesthetic” point of view, we must mention that the presence of mobile baffles allows you to spread the cold air more evenly.

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