Bimar vr 26 cooler: economic and space benefits

Are you looking for an evaporative cooler that is absolutely affordable?

Not too big in size?

A cooler that can also be used as a fan?

That spreads only pure air in the environment?

Then the cooler Bimar vr 26 has all the credentials to be the right model for your needs. And we will discover all its features during the review and of course we will have the opportunity, as well, to view the price.

Bimar VR26

Bimar VR26

Bimar vr26 cooler: when the water runs out, it stops!

Some evaporative coolers are not very “smart” and to pay the price is our wallet. We say this because even though the water in the tank runs out, the device still continues to spread air (even if in this case it is typical fan air and not colder air like that of a cooler). This means that if we do not turn off the appliance, it will continue to work undisturbed and consume unnecessary electricity. Fortunately this cannot happen with the Bimar vr26 because when the water is finished the pump stops.
From the energy point of view we must point out that the consumption is however low, since the absorbed power is only 65 watts.
“What are the other characteristics of the Bimar vr 26 cooler?
You can discover all the others here below:

  • Multifunctional appliance: not only air cooler, but also purifier and fan (three speeds selectable in this case).
  • 4-litre tank: minimum and maximum water levels are indicated.
  • Washable filters: both the suction filter and the cellulose alveolar filter.
  • Pivoting wheels and integrated handle: for easy movement. Among other things, the wheels are equipped with a special stop, so as to make the positioning of the Bimar evaporative cooler stable.
  • Up/down and left/right adjustable fins with automatic oscillation.
  • Dimensions and weight 245 x 595 x 280 m – 5.1 kg.
  • Supplied with two ice blocks in gel.
  • Intuitive control panel.

Bimar rafrescatore vr 26: price and final opinion

Now we summarize briefly what are the strengths of the cooler Bimar vr 26 and understand what are the reasons why you should prefer this model over another.
The strengths are represented by a pleasant design, compact and space-saving (if compared to other models “excessive” in size) and by the automatic stop when the water runs out. So, economic benefits (the cooler doesn’t stay on unnecessarily, spreading the air as if it were any other fan) and space benefits.
From the economic point of view comes another great benefit, and we refer to the price. As you can see here, the Bimar vr 26 cooler costs very little and is certainly one of the least expensive models on the market.

Are you not completely convinced by the Bimar vr26?
Do you think the tank is a bit small?
Would you like some more advanced features like maybe a timer?

Then, if you’re looking for something more advanced you should opt for the Bimar vr23 cooler (click on the link to read our review and to find out how much it costs).

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