Bimar vr23 cooler: easy to move and manage

With the Bimar vr23 cooler comfort is served. Not only is it a cooler really able to give us relief on hot summer days (when it seems to be warmer in the house than outside) but it is also a product that provides additional comfort.
What are we referring to?
Specifically, the possibility to manage the cooler and its settings from a distance.
Why get out of bed to turn it off or on?
You can stay exactly where you are and use the remote control (supplied) to stop or start it. Plus, if you decide to move it to another room, you won’t have to pick it up and carry it. No, you can simply push it, as it is equipped with multi-directional wheels.
In short, when it comes to comfort the Bimar vr23 cooler is certainly among the best on the market.

Bimar VR23

Bimar VR23

Bimar cooler vr23: you direct the air where you want it!

Some coolers you have to put them in a “strategic” position to make sure that the air arrives at a certain point. And if you want the cold breeze to blow more to the right than to the left, you have to move the cooler again. This is not necessary with the Bimar vr23, since this product is equipped with adjustable fins, both vertical and frontal.
The vertical fins can be oriented to the right or left (automatic or manual mode), the front ones to the top or bottom. In this way, the diffusion of the pleasant cold breeze will be more homogeneous and it will no longer be necessary to move the Bimar cooler every time.
Having specified this advantage, let’s now discover all the others:

  • 5-liter tank: when the water runs out, an acoustic signal is emitted. Among other things, the tank is easily removable and the water level is also displayed.
  • Timer for up to 7 hours.
  • Fan mode: three selectable speeds.
  • Air diffusion in 3 modes: normal, natural (alternating between minimum and maximum speed) and sleep (slows down the speed until the cooler is switched off).
  • Equipped with cable reel clip.
  • Flow rate: 18,82 mc/min.
  • Decibel level 59,83 db: it can be annoying at night, it depends on the distance and, of course, on how noise tolerant you are. Certainly not the quietest appliance.
  • Equipped with two gel ice packs.
  • Equipped with an alveolar filter continuously sprayed with water and also an external filter that you can wash.
  • Dimensions: 33.6 x 75.3 x 30.9.
  • Power consumption of 50 watts: so it does not consume as much.

Bimar vr23: price and final opinion

Do we recommend the purchase of the Bimar vr23 cooler?

Yes, but only if you do not expect the same performance as an air conditioner. Remembering that it should be used in ventilated rooms. Not in closed rooms because of the water vapor that would form.
And why do you prefer it to other evaporative coolers?
Because the Bimar vr23 is a cooler that does its job well, moreover the air is spread evenly thanks to the adjustable fins. And you will also have the comfort of not having to interact with the control panel, but you can also manage the Bimar cooler remotely using the special remote control. Which, we remind you, is already included as well as the ice packs.
For these reasons we believe that the price[see it here] is absolutely fair compared to the value of the cooler in question.

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