Calculation of btu needed to cool a room and purchase advice

Would you like to buy a portable air conditioner but first you want to make sure you are making the right choice?

Make sure that the power of the air conditioner is suitable for cooling a particular room in your home?

Then, this article will be very useful for you because not only will we find out how to calculate the btu needed to cool a large or small room, but through the link you will be able to find out the best portable air conditioners to choose according to btu.
So, first you will find out the btu needed and then the suitable models.

Calculation of needed btu per sqm

First of all, let’s specify that btu refers to a unit of measurement that indicates the capacity of an air conditioner to heat or cool. And in order to understand how many btu are needed to cool or heat a particular room, it is necessary to take into account not only the measurements in square meters of the room itself, but also a K coefficient, whose value is 340.
Then, if the room is 20 square meters, just do 20 x 340 and we will have our btu, which in this case are 6800.
So, an air conditioner not less than 6800 btu should be bought.

Portable air conditioner and btu: consider also the level of insulation!

As we have just read above, calculating the btu needed is quite simple, but you should not dwell only on this parameter. Because external factors, such as the level of insulation and the exposure of the room to the sun, also have a strong influence on the effectiveness of a portable air conditioner.
If, for example, the 20 sqm room where you intend to place the air conditioner is exposed to the sun almost all day long, you won’t need a 6800 btu portable air conditioner, but our advice is to buy an 8000 btu model.
If, on the other hand, the house is well insulated, you can easily opt for portable air conditioners of 6000/7000 btu (if in doubt, opt for a slightly higher power than you need).

Ratio btu sqm: the choice to be made according to the sqm of the room

We have now reached the final part of our article where we will recommend, through links, portable air conditioners suitable for cooling a particular environment based, precisely, to its size.
We made the calculations and in our choice we simply based on the btu needed per square meter, assuming that the air conditioner is used in an adequately insulated environment. If not, as mentioned above, it is better to opt for a model that is slightly more powerful (about 20% more).

How many btu for 10 square meters?

For a room of 10 square meters (adequately insulated) even portable air conditioners of 3000 btu are enough, if not, then it is better to opt for models with a higher capacity (just to be more sure of the effectiveness).

How many btu for 20 square meters?

For a room of 20 square metres, a 7000 btu portable air conditioner is enough, or perhaps a model with a higher capacity(8000 btu). Only in the case of a well-insulated room is it possible to opt for less powerful portable air conditioners.

How many btu for 30 sqm?

For a room of 30 square meters is recommended to opt for a portable air conditioner from 10000 btu, however always referring to the usual discourse that we are addressing for each of these last paragraphs, opt for more powerful models in case of poor insulation.

How many btu for 40 sqm?

For well insulated houses opt for 12000 or 13000 btu portable air conditioners. Otherwise, it is better to prefer the more powerful 14000 btu models.

How many btu for 50 sqm?

The usual “small talk” and the usual calculation: in this case, however, we recommend models with a minimum value of 16000 or 17000 b tu up to a maximum value of 18000 btu. But obviously in this case an adequate solution could also be to purchase two models of lower power (so, for example, two 8000 btu air conditioners).

How many btu for 60 square metres?

For an environment of about 60 square metres, the advice is to opt for portable air conditioners with a minimum btu of 19000 or 20000 (a well-insulated house) and a maximum value of 21000 btu (an environment that is not adequately insulated).
You can also opt for two 10000 btu air conditioners for example.

How many btu for 70 square metres?

For larger rooms in the house, such as a 70 square metre living room, portable air conditioners of 24000 btu are suitable. However, these are the largest models and usually you may prefer two 12000 btu air conditioners rather than one 24000 btu one.

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