Class AAA portable air conditioner: the models we recommend to buy

The portable air conditioner class AAA (A++) represents one of the best choices on the energy saving front. Of course, between two identical products, the A++ class one would cost more, there’s no doubt about that. But what you would spend more to buy an air conditioner in a higher class, in time would “come back” since the bills would be less expensive.
Beyond this initial premise, we will move on to the “hot” topics of this article, that is the models that we recommend to buy.

Portable air conditioner class A++ for rooms up to 30 square meters: we recommend Pac ex100 Silent

There are not many portable air conditioners of class A++ and among the few we have chosen Pinguino Pac ex100 Silent. One of the latest arrivals at home De Longhi and stands out not only for the energy class A + + (which leads to a very low consumption of only 700 watts / h) but also for the type of gas used. Most air conditioners on the market use the refrigerant R410A. However, this new model in the Pinguino range uses R290 refrigerant.
What’s the difference between the two types of gas?
That R290 has zero impact on the environment, unlike R410A. Therefore, the Pinguino Pac ex100 (click to read the full review) is a portable air conditioner class AAA absolutely ecological.
We would like to point out, however, that there is no “problem” in buying R410A air conditioners even today. Also because they are still the most popular models.

Quiet portable air conditioner class A++ for rooms up to 30 sqm: we recommend Electrolux Pro Gold

If you intend to use the packaged air conditioner in a bedroom, you should opt for a silent model. However, you should know that any air conditioner without an outdoor unit will never guarantee absolute silence. The tumour (more or less bearable) will always be there. We can only recommend models that are less noisy than others. If you can fall asleep despite the background noise, well that depends mainly on your tolerance to night noises.
Having specified this, we recommend the portable air conditioner class A++ Electrolux exp26u758cw Pro Gold because we believe it to be among the least noisy on the market (decibel level 41).

Portable air conditioner hot-cold class A++ for rooms up to 30 square meters: we recommend Electrolux Pro 10

For those who want to take advantage of a portable air conditioner class AAA that is useful all year round thanks to the heat pump with which it is equipped, then the advice is to buy Electrolux exp26u538hw Pro 10.
Attention, however: we must specify that in this case the energy class A++ applies only if you use the air conditioner in heating mode. If you use the Electrolux exp26u538hw as a normal air conditioner, know that the energy class becomes A+.
So, it is still a portable air conditioner class A++, only that this energy efficiency is only when you use the appliance to heat the room.
We specify, moreover, that this model can also be used to ventilate and dehumidify rooms. And if you’re interested in evaluating all the other features, we invite you to click on Electrolux Pro 10 exp26u538hw portable air conditioner to read our detailed review.

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