Comfee Fresko 09: Our evaluation and alternatives

Fresko 9 is one of the most popular portable air conditioners of the Comfee brand, but is it also one of the most reliable?
From this point of view, unfortunately, we cannot say that it is the best air conditioner of this brand. And there are two reasons why we can’t call it the top: not excellent cooling capacity and high noise.
If you can turn a blind eye to the latter because a lot depends on the “noise tolerance” that each of us has (maybe for one person the noise produced by Comfee Fresko 9 is bearable, for another not), on the first one you can not really overlook. Those who have used it have found that, if there are high temperatures outside (above 35°), the portable air conditioner cannot lower the temperature inside the room. Or at least, if it succeeds, spend a really long time.

Of course, you have to consider that any portable air conditioner is also affected by the level of insulation of the room. If it’s 40° outside and the room is constantly exposed to the sun and is not insulated at all, it has to be said that any air conditioner would have difficulties even cooling a small room.
So, do we recommend or not to buy the Comfee Fresko 09 portable air conditioner?
Since we haven’t tried it, we can only rely on other people’s opinions. Consequently, we do not recommend buying it unless you only need to cool a room of about 25 square meters and, above all, the room must be well insulated. If you don’t have these two factors, then it’s better to think about some other product.

Alternatives to the Comfee Fresko 09 air conditioner

Nowadays Comfee has introduced viable alternatives to the Fresko 9. Different solutions that concern the new line of portable air conditioners, namely the Comfee Sognidoro that introduces less noisy models (however a minimum of noise is always there since we talk about air conditioners without an outdoor unit). Among other things, this new series introduces air conditioners that use a more environmentally friendly gas than R410, namely R290. So, not only are we talking about better air conditioners but also more environmentally friendly ones.
Below are links to read reviews of Comfee portable air conditioners that we suggest as viable alternatives to the Fresko 09.

Comfee Fresko 09

Comfee Fresko 09

  • Class A
  • 8900 Btu/h
  • Remote control

Comfee Fresko 09 portable air conditioner: features

After giving our opinion and suggesting alternatives, we move on to the description of the Fresko 09 Comfee portable air conditioner. And we can immediately say how there are 5 different modes of operation.
There is a choice of Cool mode (use as an air conditioner), Dry mode (use as a dehumidifier), Fan mode (use as a fan) Auto mode (the portable air conditioner works automatically by adjusting the temperature according to the outside temperature) and Sleep mode (in which case it works at a reduced speed to reduce noise).

In fan mode the Comfee Fresko 09 allows you to choose the ventilation speed. You can also set the operating time of the air conditioner thanks to the 24-hour timer. Among other things, the various settings can be activated either by interacting with the control panel on the unit or via the remote control. The various settings will be visible on the LED display.
It is also possible to set the desired temperature.
Now we summarize in the list below all the other features of the portable air conditioner Comfee Fresko 09.

  • Power of 9000 btu: We recommend the use of the portable air conditioner Comfee Fresko 09 for rooms of about 25 square meters (well insulated).
  • Automatic restart after blackout: there is no danger of losing previously stored data, as the air conditioner manages to keep them anyway (so you won’t have to re-set them).
  • Energy class A.
  • Noise level 65 db.
  • Multidirectional wheels and side handles: to facilitate moving the Comfee air conditioner.

Comfee Fresko 09: Final opinion

We have already said our opinion at the beginning of the review, but in case you haven’t read it we would like to clarify our thoughts again. This portable air conditioner is certainly noisy and even the sleep mode doesn’t give much benefit, so we don’t recommend using it in the bedroom. Also, its cooling capacity tends to be less efficient as the outside temperature rises. If your room is not well insulated, you will find it very difficult to cool it down.

It is not suitable for rooms larger than 25 square meters. Therefore, we recommend buying it[find out if it is still available here] only if the above factors are present or absent. If not, as written above, there are valid alternatives always inherent to the same brand.
You can also visit our website and find among the 9000 btu portable air conditioners the one that’s right for you.

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