Comfee Sognidoro 09e: air conditioner with refrigerant gas R290

What is the very first difference we notice between the Comfee Sognidoro 09e portable air conditioner and another very common portable air conditioner?

The refrigerant gas used. No longer R410a, but R290.
And what does it change?
Leaving aside the technical explanations, let’s get straight to the point: the new R290 refrigerant is more environmentally friendly. As a result, not only do you get a respectable portable air conditioner with the Comfee Sognidoro 09e, you also get a more environmentally friendly model. For the sake of our own health and the environment.

Comfee Sognidoro-09E

Comfee Sognidoro-09E

  • In the event of a power outage during operation, when power is restored the product will restart with the operating settings in use at the time of the outage.
  • The air flow direction blades are motorised and can be controlled in continuous oscillation mode and stopped in a predetermined position by means of a button
  • The supplied infrared control allows control of all product functions without the need to access the control panel on board the unit

Comfee Sognidoro 09e air conditioner: dreams really are golden!

The name of this Comfee portable air conditioner is certainly particular, since the term Sognidoro cannot help but make us think of the sweet and well-deserved rest after a long day spent between work and other thousands of family/personal commitments. Resting is essential to recharge energy, but it’s a pity that in summer rest becomes, let’s say, stormy because of the great heat. Resting properly in a warm room is not “easy”, that’s why you need a portable air conditioner. It’s just that portable monoblock models are noisier than fixed ones precisely because there is no external unit. Luckily not all of them are too noisy though, the Comfee Sognidoro 09e from this point of view proves to be more “tactful”. With a noise that is certainly audible, but if you’re not so “noise sensitive” it won’t bother you and you’ll be able to use the air conditioner even in your bedroom.

Other features include a sleep function that turns off the portable air conditioner after a certain amount of time specified by you (so it doesn’t stay on all night). Not only for the night, thanks to the timer you can program the time interval in which it should remain on during the day. Adjustable timer up to 24 hours.
The 9000 btu power allows it to be used for rooms up to 25/30 square metres. And if one day you change your mind and want to move the air conditioner from the bedroom to the living room, this move will not be “traumatic”, that is, no effort thanks to the multi-directional wheels.
Interested in learning more about the air conditioner Sognidoro 09e?
Then you can read this list below:

  • It can also be used as a dehumidifier.
  • Auto Swing: oscillation of the fins in order to spread the cold air more evenly.
  • Automatic restart: in case of blackout the portable air conditioner restarts by itself without losing the settings in use.
  • Remote control: the Sognidoro Comfee 09e can be remotely controlled via remote control or, of course, from up close with the special control panel.
  • Accessories for connection to the window already included.
  • Electrical power: 1015 watts.
  • Energy class A (consumption 1 kwh/h).
  • Dimensions and net weight: 435 x 342 x 720 mm – 26.3 kg.

Comfee Sognidoro 09e: opinion and price

Why do you prefer the Sognidoro 09e to other portable air conditioners?

Because it uses a more environmentally friendly refrigerant, it is less noisy than many other packaged air conditioners and thanks to the timer (24 hours) you can set the operating interval. In conclusion, even the price does not seem to us at all “disproportionate” compared to the actual value of this portable air conditioner Sognidoro [to review how much it costs and check if the product is still available, you can click here].

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