Comfee Sognidoro: the advantages, functions and models

We have already talked about the Comfee portable air conditioner, specifically in this article we will better describe the main commercial line of this brand, namely the Comfee Sognidoro. Even the name of this line gives us hope that these appliances can finally eliminate the biggest flaw of a monoblock air conditioner, namely: the infernal noise that does not allow us to install it in the bedroom.
Can the Sognidoro Comfee portable air conditioner solve this “problem”?
Let’s find out (and not only that).

Comfee Sognidoro: prices and reviews of the best models

But before discovering specifically what are the features and if the models of this line Comfee are really as quiet as their name suggests, we want to indicate which are, in our opinion, the three best portable air conditioners Sognidoro.
In the table below you can see the prices, in the list instead the reviews.

Comfee Sognidoro portable air conditioner: is it really silent?

Let’s clarify one thing right away: the portable monoblock air conditioner does not have an external unit because it is already incorporated in the only unit of this appliance. This should already make us understand that these types can never be silent. This can never happen because the motor, which with split models is located outside (therefore not inside the house), with monoblock models is located inside the room where you would like to rest. So, you’ll agree with us that it’s impossible for a portable air conditioner to truly be noise-free.

But then, aren’t the sweet dreams that Comfee talks about true?

This is very subjective, because if you can fall asleep even if some noise is produced in the room, then you will have no problem falling asleep with the Comfee Sognidoro portable air conditioner on. Since such models may not be super quiet, but they’re also not as loud as more classic air conditioners. So if you’re already used to your husband’s snoring, the Comfee Sognidoro certainly won’t bother you. If you have already kicked your partner out of the room because he snored, well then it is very likely that you would also kick out the portable air conditioner.
Our example was very trivial, we realize, but we believe that it fully reflects the idea of the “silence” factor of this product that, we repeat, is quieter than many other models but not silent.

Sognidoro R290 or R410A portable air conditioner?

Comfee’s new portable air conditioners use R290 refrigerant gas compared to R410E.
What’s the difference?
The difference is that the former are more environmentally friendly than the latter, so they’re more innovative products that we suggest you buy unlike the others.
And which Comfee Sognidoro air conditioners use R290 refrigerant gas?
The brand has marked these products with a final “E“. So, if you are interested in perhaps the Comfee SOgnidoro 09 know that the product, as written, boasts the refrigerant gas R410A. If on the other hand the product is called the Comfee Sognidoro 09e (there’s the e) then the latter uses R290 refrigerant.

Comfee Sognidoro air conditioner: features

In addition to the “silence” factor, the other features of this Comfee commercial line include the timer (adjustable up to 24 hours), the sleep mode, the oscillating fins (for a better and homogeneous cooling of the environment), the automatic restart in the event of a blackout and the dehumidifier function.

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