Cooler: learn more about its use and models

Looking for an alternative to a stationary and portable air conditioner?
An alternative that doesn’t include an exhaust hose?
Then you’re looking for a cooler.
This particular appliance is often confused with an air conditioner, but it doesn’t actually provide the same “cooling performance”. The cooler, or also known as a cooler, is able to provide relief from the heat thanks to the chilly breeze it gives off, but not adequately cool the room.
To learn more about how it works we refer you to the last part of this article, instead from the next paragraph we will discuss the best models and then continue with other important topics.

The best coolers

Below we have selected the best evaporative coolers.
We have divided the three models according to the capacity of the tank on which, as you may know, depends the operating time of the cooler. So the larger it is, the longer it will work continuously. Avoiding you the “hassle” of having to fill the tank too many times.

Best silent cooler with 2.5 l tank: Klarstein Highrise

The Klarstein High rise has a 2.5-liter tank where you can also put ice and, in addition, the air is not only cooler but also purer. In fact, the dust filter takes care of removing dirt particles so that you can breathe deeply (so no problem for allergy sufferers).
The Klarstein cooler can also be used only as a fan and thanks to the oscillation the air diffusion is more homogeneous.
Among the operating modes we point out: night (lower speed until the device turns off) and natural (in this case you simulate the gusts of wind thanks to the variable speed). There is also a timer.
Would you also like to know how much does the Klarstein Highrise cost?Click here.

Best silent cooler with 3.5 liter tank: Klarstein Skyscraper Horizon

Compared to the previous evaporative cooler the Klarstein Skyscraper Horizon boasts a larger tank (so it works for longer) and a different but equally beautiful design.
These are the main differences between the two models, plus the economic factor which we invite you to discover here. Or you can read our in-depth review by clicking Klarstein Skyscraper Horizon.

Best cooler with 6 lt tank: Argoclima Polifemo

Argoclima Polifemo is appreciated for the size of the tank, since it can hold up to 6 liters of water. As a result, the cooler can be used continuously for almost twice as long as the Klarstein model described above. An absolutely valuable advantage, to which you can add other benefits such as the timer, the double air filtration system and the different ventilation modes (“natural” with alternating speed variation and “sleep” for use during the night).
To learn more and evaluate the price of the Argo Polifemo please click here.

Best mini cooler for personal use: Uvistar

Rather than a fan, would you prefer a small cooler for personal use that you could put on top of your desk?

The Uvistar mini cooler meets these needs. It’s small and pleasantly designed, with even the possibility of illuminating the base with a choice of 7 colours (you can even alternate between them). This allows you to enjoy the benefits of colour therapy.
The Uvistar cooler consumes very little energy (power consumption of 18 watts) and is also cheap[as you can find out here].

Evaporative coolers: the brands

When choosing an evaporative cooler, the brand should certainly not be underestimated. For this reason, we would like to point out the brands we covered in our article.
Here are the links to visit their pages and find out more about these brands’ coolers.

Coolers: prices vary according to the tank!

An evaporative cooler costs less than a portable air conditioner and even less than a fixed air conditioner. Obviously, between an evaporative cooler and another there may be a difference in price that will depend, very much, on the size of the water tank. This is because, as previously written, the larger the tank, the more continuous use of the product will be possible.
So it’s certainly no mystery that a model like the Niklas Icewindcostsso little, since it has a 2-liter container. Unlike the Klarstein Whirlwind, which costs more because it has a much larger tank(5.5 litres).

How does a cooler work?

How does a cooler work?
It works by distributing air through a fan. The hot air enters the cooler and then comes out cold, thanks to the water or ice that we put in the tank inside the cooler.
The evaporative cooler uses a completely natural cooling principle, so it does not need a condenser or refrigerant gas.
Unlike the portable air conditioner with or without an outdoor unit, the cooler offers unlimited freedom of positioning. This is because it does not come with any exhaust pipes to run out of the window.

Cooler: tips to avoid humidity problems

Generally speaking, a cooler does not give problems with humidity, however, in particular cases it could occur.
Let’s see right now which are the situations in which you should avoid a cooler (especially those of poor quality) and which tricks you should implement to avoid humidity problems:

  • Do not use it where there is already a high level of humidity: especially the cheaper and lower quality models would be useless and would only make the climate more humid.
  • If after using the cooler you notice “humidity problems”, from now on use it only with open doors and windows: it is not an air conditioner, so if you use it in one room and then close all the doors and windows, the accumulation of water vapor could create humidity problems. This obviously also depends on factors such as the time of use, the quality of the product used and the environment in which it is installed. In any case, if you experience increased humidity and you have been using it up to now while leaving doors and windows closed, open it so that the air can circulate.

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