Daitsu portable air conditioner: features and best models

Daitsu is a brand that is making a name for itself in the field of home cooling thanks to air conditioners that combine efficiency with energy saving. Also because we wouldn’t know what to do with a product that cools the environment properly but then increases the energy bill considerably. On the one hand, we’d have comfort, on the other hand, we’d have a slightly too expensive bill. Instead, the Daitsu portable air conditioner knows how to adequately combine these two aspects while also offering many useful features that we will discover in the course of the article.

Daitsu portable air conditioners: prices of the best models

Before moving on to the description of the characteristics of a portable air conditioner, we want to propose you what we believe to be the best three models of this brand. You will be able to find out everything about each of the three products simply by clicking on the links below.
By clicking you will be able to visit a site where you can buy them and where you can check the availability of the three monoblock air conditioners.

Daitsu packaged air conditioner: characteristics

Speaking of the characteristics, we must immediately point out that with each Daitsu portable air conditioner you will also have the possibility to use the Dry function (i.e. dehumidification of the environment) and the fan function. But in the most expensive models you also have the heat pump so you can use the air conditioner even in winter to heat the rooms. You can take advantage of this feature by opting for the Daitsu APD-12 HRV2 [model you can evaluate here].

Other available features include the timer that allows us to regulate the operation of the Daitsu portable air conditioner. So, we can decide how long it should stay on or between how long it should turn on.
There is also no lack of sleep mode that ensures a properly comfortable environment to allow a good rest. It does this by consuming less and lowering the noise as well. However, the fact remains that packaged air conditioners are not as quiet as stationary models or portable models with an outdoor unit. Therefore, it is impossible to ask these appliances for maximum silence during the night. If you cannot stand even the slightest noise, it is important that you do not decide to install the air conditioner in your bedroom.

Some models still use traditional R410A gas, while newer products use the more environmentally friendly R32 gas. Some of the most environmentally friendly packaged air conditioners include Daitsu APD-9CK [portable air conditioner you can discover here].
All Daitsu air conditioners can be managed either through interaction with the practical and intuitive control panel with LCD display or remotely using the remote control. The remote control is supplied together with the necessary equipment for installing the appliance.

At the beginning of the article we talked about energy saving, well this is assured because we are not talking about class B or C air conditioners, but class A air conditioners.
Of course the cooling capacity changes from model to model, so choose the appropriate power according to the square meters to be cooled. If you don’t know how to calculate the required cooling capacity, we invite you to read the article: “Calculating btu“.

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