De Longhi Pac cn94 penguin: equipped with h24 timer

Are you looking for a portable air conditioner that you can adjust the operation of on a daily basis?

One that turns on automatically even when you’re not at home, so you might find a certain room already cold?

Thanks to the h24 timer of the De Longhi Pac cn94 this will be possible, since you will be able to set the operating time of the portable air conditioner both for what concerns the start-up and for what concerns the shut-down.
And the advantages with De Longhi Pac cn94 don’t end here, let’s discover them all.

De'Longhi PACCN94

De’Longhi PACCN94

  • Dehumidifies during the air conditioning function
  • Respects the environment and ensures maximum comfort thanks to the R410A refrigerant gas
  • Three ventilation speeds for maximum power or minimum noise level
  • The remote control allows easy and quick setting of all the appliance functions
  • 24-hour electronic timer and thermostat

Pinguino Pac cn94: you set the temperature!

You don’t necessarily have to set the time interval in which the Pinguino Pac cn94 must switch on and off every time, as the air conditioner can even do this automatically when it reaches certain temperatures that you have previously set. In this case, De Longhi Pac cn94 will turn off when it reaches the comfort temperature you desired and will restart when the temperature that we could define as “not comfortable” is exceeded.

Therefore, there is no set time period, but only a comfort situation to be respected in order to have the room always cool. This is obviously possible thanks to the thermostat that this Delonghi portable air conditioner is equipped with.
Other features include that the Pinguino Pac cn94 is also a dehumidifier (23 l/h capacity) and a fan (three selectable speeds).
And if you want to know even more about the De’Longhi Pac cn94 you can read this list:

  • Panel with soft touch controls and infrared remote control (already included): to manage the various settings both from near and far.
  • Power consumption: 100 watts (class A).
  • Decibel level: max 63 – min 50.
  • Length and diameter of the exhaust pipe: 1.2 meters – 130 mm.
  • Dimensions and weight: 75 x 44,9 x 39,5 cm.
  • Suitable for rooms of 30 sqm: btu 10.500.
  • Refrigerant gas in use: R410a.
  • Side handles and wheels: so moving the De Longhi Pinguino from one room to another will be extremely easy.

De Longhi Pac cn94 Pinguino portable air conditioner: opinions and price

What are the extra features you can have thanks to the Pinguino De Longhi Pac cn94 compared to another classic portable air conditioner?

Well, in addition you can count on the h24 timer (not all have this function and not all h24, some maybe stop at 12 hours), in addition there is also the thermostat to adjust the desired temperature. There are also two other operating modes: fan and dehumidifier (not always both available).
For all these reasons we suggest purchasing the De Longhi Pac cn94 and if you want to check its availability, review the price and maybe even read more opinions, we invite you to click here and find out more.

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