De Longhi Pinguino Pac n87 Silent: not too noisy

Are you looking for a portable air conditioner that isn’t excessively loud?

Do you really want to avoid putting in your bedroom an appliance that emits a very annoying noise, but you don’t want to give up the need for a cooler environment?

Then the De Longhi Pinguino Pac n87 Silent will be your “salvation”. Not at home it is also called “Silent”, since it is a product that manages to muffle the noise a lot (it activates the night mode, however) despite being an air conditioner without an external unit. And thanks to its maximum power of 9800 btu, it can cool a room of 30 square metres.

De'Longhi PAC N87 Pinguino

De’Longhi PAC N87 Pinguino

  • Silent Technology: optimization of silence thanks to the double speed of the condensing fan
  • Refrigerant gas R410A: ensures optimal comfort
  • The remote control allows an easy and quick setting of all the appliance functions
  • Soft touch control panel

De Longhi Pac n87: elegance enters the home!

In the past, buying a household appliance did not always mean bringing a designer product into your home. On the contrary, you often had to make do with models that weren’t all that aesthetically pleasing. With the De’longhi Pinguino Pac n87 Silent this changes drastically. As you have already seen from the picture above, it is an absolutely elegant product thanks to its pure white color. And a well-kept shape (it looks even better in person). In addition, there are no analog controls that often make such products ugly, but a practical panel with soft touch controls (in short, it is a modern air conditioner in everything).

Among other things, the portable air conditioner Pinguino Pac n87 Silent can be managed remotely thanks to the remote control, with which you can choose whether to activate, for example, the fan function (there are three speeds) or perhaps the dehumidifier function.
What else can the De’Longhi Pac n87 offer?
We’ll find out in the list below:

  • Refrigerant gas used: R410a.
  • Thermostat: so you can set the desired temperature level, for an operation of the monoblock air conditioner that will be automatic.
  • Timer h12: to adjust the operating time of the De Longhi Pinguino Pac n87 Silent portable air conditioner.
  • Transport facilitated by wheels and side handles.
  • Weight and dimensions: 30 kg – 44.9 x 39.5 x 75 cm (WxDxH).
  • Noise level: maximum 63 db – minimum 48 db (the minimum is activated if the Pinguino Pac n87 is used in sleep mode).
  • Energy class A (maximum power consumption 940 watts).
  • Diameter and length of the exhaust pipe: 130 mm – 1.2 metres.

Pinguino Pac n87 Silent: opinions and price

What does the De Longhi Pinguino Pac n87 Silent offer more than other 9800 btu portable air conditioners?

It offers a quieter operating mode that also allows for bedroom placement (this is however a very subjective parameter, as we often say) and, in addition, boasts really elegant features that will make you appreciate its aesthetic appearance.
Our opinion is therefore positive, but if you click here you can also read the opinions of other users who have already used this Delonghi air conditioner.

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