De Longhi Pinguino portable air conditioner: functions and costs of the various models

The De’Longhi Pinguino are among the most popular and appreciated portable air conditioners on the market. They can be distinguished from the masses for their innovative technologies, ease of use and also for a nice design.
This is a very first summary description of the portable air conditioner Pinguino De Longhi, in the rest of the article we will deepen everything with more info on features, best models (you can also read reviews) and prices.

Best portable air conditioner De Longhi silent: Pinguino Pac N87

Let’s always start with a basic assumption: all monoblock air conditioners are noisy, only there are those who are less so. Well, this is the case of the De Longhi Pinguino Pac N87 Silent.
Air conditioner that with its 9800 btu is ideal for rooms of up to 30 square meters and, given its not being too noisy, is fine for use in the bedroom. Of course for a night use it is good to activate the night mode.

Best De Longhi portable air conditioner with timer and thermostat: Pinguino Pac CN94

With the De Longhi Pinguino Pac CN94 you will benefit from the 24-hour timer with which you can adjust the on and off of the air conditioner. This is not the only important feature of the product in question. Among others, we mention the thermostat with which you can set the temperature that should be reached in the room where you will use the air conditioner.
And if you want to find out all the other features, please click on the De Longhi Pac CN94 Penguin.

Best portable air conditioner De Longhi low consumption: Pinguino Pac AN112

Among the less “expensive” De’Longhi air conditioners in terms of power consumption, we recommend the Pac AN112 Silent. In fact, despite the power of 11000 btu, the air conditioner does not consume too much (950 watts per hour). This is because it is an A+ class appliance.
And if you are therefore interested in a portable air conditioner with low energy consumption, certainly the DeLonghi Pac AN112 Silent is what you need.

De’Longhi portable air conditioners without external unit: the features

The De Longhi portable air conditioner without external unit is equipped with the innovative Real Feel technology, which allows to analyse the temperature and humidity level, managing to combine the two factors to establish the best temperature for your home environment.
Available not only air-to-air models (able to reach the A++ saving class, as in the case of the Pinguino Pac ex100 Silent), but also water-to-air models. The latter boast a tank to be filled and, depending on the amount of litres inside, can guarantee a different duration of operation. Once the water runs out, the air conditioner will work in air/air mode. They represent the most ecological type and among the best models we recommend the Pinguino PAC WE128ECO which you can discover on this site.

In addition, the level of quietness has been lowered by 50% compared to a traditional portable air conditioner. Moreover, we are in front of environmentally friendly products. In fact, this appliance uses Propane R290, a natural gas that has zero impact on the environment.
It is equipped with a led screen for easy and intuitive use. Some models are also equipped with a timer function, so you can decide when to turn your appliance on or off. That’s exactly what the De Longhi Pinguino PAC AN97 allows.
And with the triple function you can have not only an air conditioner, but also a fan and a humidifier. Advantages that you can enjoy, for example, with Pinguino De Longhi Pac N76.

De Longhi Pinguino portable air conditioners: “high” prices, is it worth it?

De Longhi Pinguino portable air conditioners do not boast an affordable price at all. You have to be willing to spend a significant amount of money and then you only have to ask yourself: is it worth it?
Yes, as long as you carefully evaluate whether the purchase is suitable for what you need. Therefore, consider whether the power of the air conditioner is suitable for the room to be cooled and assess whether the room itself has a good level of insulation. Before buying (also considering the amount of money to be spent) it is good to make a careful analysis.
For the rest, relying on De Longhi means trusting a brand that needs no introduction and which also boasts an after-sales service.

Pinguino De Longhi: portable air conditioner that respects the environment

As we could see before, the De Longhi Pinguino portable air conditioner uses a natural gas that does not have a heavy impact on our environment. This only makes us understand how this company is interested in complying with the strictest standards to protect the environment. This is one more reason tochoose the quality De Longhi. To choose not only an excellent product, but to prefer an all-Italian brand capable of making appliances that make the home environment even more hospitable for you and your family.

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