Delonghi Pac An112 Silent: Innovative Real Feel Function

Every portable air conditioner of the De Longhi brand is characterized by the Real Feel function, an innovative advantage that, of course, is also present in the portable air conditioner Delonghi Pac AN112 Silent. However, this model also has many other advantages that you can discover as you continue reading the review.

De'Longhi PAC AN112 Silent

De’Longhi PAC AN112 Silent

  • Portable air conditioner with a maximum cooling capacity of 11,000 Btu/h* (*35°C/80% R.H.)
  • Class A+ energy efficiency: the Pinguino is characterized by the combination of technology and low consumption, achieving class A
  • Natural refrigerant gas R290 propane gas: non-toxic, offering ecological and energy saving advantages
  • Real Feel function: with De’ Longhi technology, the Pinguino automatically adjusts both temperature and relative humidity, with the aim of achieving and maintaining optimal comfort over time

Reduces humidity and temperature, for a more comfortable environment!

We left off with a question mark: what does the Real Feel technology consist of?
Well, this innovative feature allows your Delonghi Pac An112 Silent to set the right room climate. In fact, with a combination of temperature and humidity, it manages to reduce both and provide the optimal level of comfort for your well-being. And it doesn’t end there, because it can maintain it over time.

How can I tell that the optimal comfort level has been reached?
By the color of the Real Feel light. When the light is orange, your Delonghi Pac AN112 Silent portable air conditioner is looking for the ideal temperature, when it is green it means that it has just found a good balance between humidity and temperature. It’s only when the light turns blue that the perfect room temperature has been reached.
We hope we’ve been very clear on this detail, so you can move on to describing all the other benefits. Unless you want to check the availability of this appliance right away.

  • Environmentally friendly: the Delonghi Pac An112 Silent portable air conditioner uses a natural gas ,Propane R290. A gas that has no impact on the environment. Therefore, your appliance is an environmentally friendly product.
  • New CLI LED display: it will be very easy for you to set the operation of the portable air conditioner.
  • Energy class A+: which guarantees you guaranteed savings and high energy efficiency (estimated consumption of 950 watts/h).
  • The maximum power is 11,000 BTU/h.
  • 3 in 1 : i.e. it has fan, dehumidifier and air conditioner functions.
  • 24-hour timer: to set the on/off time of your Delonghi Pac An112 Silent at your convenience.
  • Thermostat: so your Delonghi Pac AN112 Silent will be able, in an automatic way, to manage the temperature of your home environment. It will turn itself off or on when a certain temperature is reached.
  • Easy to carry: thanks to the wheels and convenient handle.
  • It measures 44.9 x 39.5 x 75 cm.
  • The tube is 120 cm long and has a diameter of 130 mm.
  • The air filter is easily removable and washable.
  • Sleep function: thanks to which you can keep the portable air conditioner even in your bedroom, as long as you don’t sleep too lightly, since its noise level is 63 db (comparable to a conversation between two people).
  • Condensate recirculation system: it does not require water drainage.

De’longhi Pac An112: reduces costs over time!

The portable air conditioner Delonghi Pac An112 Silent belongs to the A+ class, this (if you have seen our schematic on the saving classes) means that you will have a net saving of electricity over time compared to another portable air conditioner of class A or lower. A saving that definitely helps to avoid nasty surprises when the electricity bill arrives.

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