De’Longhi Pinguino PAC AN97: innovative technology for a more comfortable environment

On this page we will describe the Pinguino De’Longhi PAC AN97. This monoblock air conditioner boasts a truly innovative feature, such as Real Feel Technology.
What does Real Feel Technology consist of?
This technology allows the De’Longhi Pinguino PAC AN97 to analyze both the temperature in the room and the humidity. After this analysis, it will automatically determine the ideal temperature for the room you are using it in.
This innovation is not the only advantage you will have. In fact, as you read on you will discover what else this portable air conditioner has to offer.

Pinguino De Longhi PAC AN97

De Longhi Pinguino PAC AN97

  • The Pinguino PAC AN97 Real Feel is characterised by the perfect combination of technology and low consumption, achieving Energy Efficiency Class A.
  • Real Feel” is De’Longhi’s innovative technology, which guarantees the best level of comfort thanks to the combined reduction of temperature and humidity, maintaining optimal comfort over time.
  • The Pinguino PAC AN97 Real Feel is environmentally friendly; it uses the latest generation of R410A refrigerant gas, thus respecting the environment and ensuring maximum comfort at the same time.

Pinguino PAC AN97: choose your ideal comfort!

The Pinguino De Longhi PAC AN97 is equipped with an innovative LED display, with Cli-comfort Light Indicator function.
What does the Cli-comfort Light Indicator consist of?
On the display you will be able to see your comfort status, and you can select up to three comfort levels, so that you can choose the one you think is most appropriate at the moment.
In one word, Pinguino De Longhi PAC AN97 can be described as “comfort”. And now, let’s see all the other features of this portable air conditioner. However, if you want to immediately find out if it is still available today, click here.

  • Refrigerant capacity of 10700 btu.
  • Class A energy consumption.
  • Product that respects the environment thanks to the use of refrigerant gas R410A.
  • Available with both ventilation function (three speeds) and dehumidifier function.
  • Remote control: the De Longhi Pinguino portable air conditioner can also be managed remotely thanks to the special remote control.
  • Equipped with thermostat and 24-hour timer: so you can set the on/off switch of the De Longhi PAC AN97 Pinguino monoblock air conditioner at any time.
  • Easy to transport in every room: thanks to the handles and the multi-directional wheels.
  • Condensate recirculation system: so it will not discharge condensate outside. Obviously, the tube must still be inserted outside.
  • Maximum acoustic power level of 63 db, minimum of 52 db.
  • Also equipped with a dust filter.
  • The tube has a diameter of 130 mm and a length of 1200 mm.
  • Compact and elegant design: ideal for any home environment. Size: 47.5 x 45 x 87 cm. The weight of the De’Longhi PAC AN97 Pinguino portable air conditioner is 30 kg.

De’Longhi PAC AN97: final opinion

Thanks to the portable air conditioner Pinguino De Longhi PAC AN97 you will be able to spend a pleasant summer without having to endure the torrid heat even at home. There are many advantages that this air conditioner comes with, including the innovative Real Feel and Cli-comfort Light Indicator systems. The noise level is fairly standard. Sure, it doesn’t excel in quietness but it won’t be a big deal to hear the TV either. If you plan to put it in your bedroom, however, it might not be the product you’re looking for (this also depends on your “night noise tolerance”).

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