Electrolux Exp26U538Hw: usable all year round

Why settle for a portable air conditioner that you can only use in the summer, when you can have Electrolux Exp26U538Hw Chillflex Pro 10that can also be used in the winter?

That’s right, this is an air conditioner with dual hot-cold functionality. Obviously in heating mode it’s not as effective as a radiator (you’d better believe it) but it still manages to tastefully heat up the room it’s used in. With the hot function the power is 7848 btu, this means that Electrolux Exp26U538Hw must be installed in a room of about 15/20 sq.m.
In cooling mode the power is 10335 btu and this allows you to use the air conditioner in summer in rooms of up to 30 sq.m.
Consumption also changes. In hot mode, consumption is estimated at 0.8 kWh/h(energy class A++), while in cold mode consumption is estimated at 0.9 kWh/h(energy class A+).

Electrolux Exp26U538Hw Chillflex PRO 10 A+ HP Climatizzatore Portatile, 1000 W, 45 Decibel, Bianco

Electrolux Exp26U538Hw Chillflex PRO 10 A+ HP Portable Air Conditioner, 1000 W, 45 Decibel, White

  • Effective cooling and heating: our portable air conditioner has a high cooling and heating capacity while using minimal energy.
  • More fresh air: absolute relaxation and comfort thanks to a high cooling capacity and high airflow depending on the model.
  • An eco-friendly solution: our portable air conditioner uses sustainable R290 gas which reduces the global warming potential (GWP) by 99.8% when compared to conventional R410a gas.

Electrolux Chillflex Pro 10: zero emissions!

The environment must surely be of interest to you, as the more we pollute it, the more we who live there will suffer the consequences. The use of air conditioners certainly does not alleviate this pollution, since not all models use environmentally friendly gases. But we specified “not all”, since the Electrolux Exp26U538Hw instead uses a refrigerant (R290) that reduces the impact on global warming by 99.8% (compared to models that still use R410A gas).
This is more than positive news, since the air conditioner in question not only helps us feel better at home, but also helps the environment. And after having described this benefit, let’s see all the others.

  • Any anomalies reported thanks to an accurate automatic self-diagnosis.
  • Homogeneous and healthy air diffusion: this is thanks to the vertically mobile deflector and to the antibacterial filter.
  • White led lcd display: it makes easy the visualization of the various parameters.
  • 24-hour timer: to precisely program both the switching on and off of the Electrolux portable air conditioner.
  • Adjust settings even from a distance: thanks to the supplied remote control.
  • Self Evaporative System: Automatically disposes of condensation and the condensation water (due to the double fan) is in turn used to cool the evaporator, ensuring even cooler air.
  • Also dehumidifier (1.3 l/h capacity) and fan (three selectable speeds).
  • Dimensions: 710 x 476 x 385 mm.
  • Minimum noise level 45 db: therefore it is quieter than other packaged air conditioners, but absolute silence is certainly not guaranteed. On the other hand, we are always talking about a portable air conditioner without an external unit.
  • Swivel wheels and carrying handle.
  • Automatic mode: choose the desired comfort temperature and the air conditioner will reach it and maintain it.
  • Sleep function (for the night, of course) and autorestart (Electrolux Exp26U538Hw automatically restarts in the event of a power outage).
  • Accessories included: exhaust hose, hose connector, window closure kit and fabric cover.

Electrolux Exp26U538Hw portable air conditioner: opinions

Why do you prefer the Electrolux Exp26U538Hw portable air conditioner to other packaged models?

Because it’s quieter (minimum decibel level of 45 db), it can be used both in summer and winter and it doesn’ t consume as much since it’s a class A++ appliance (in heating mode) and class A+ (in cooling mode). And those who have already bought it have been pleasantly impressed[as you can read here].

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