Electrolux portable air conditioner exp09hn1w6: the temperature is adjustable

The general use of an air conditioner rightly leads us to turn it off when we feel that the room has reached a comfortable temperature. But then turn it back on again maybe after an hour because the coolness has gone and you are starting to sweat and feel the heat again. Or maybe other times, to avoid this “on and off” all the time, you decide to leave the portable air conditioner on for hours that will continue to consume at maximum power. In both cases, therefore, there are still problems. Problems that are solved by the portable air conditioner Electrolux exp09hn1w6 Chillflex 9.
Thanks to the automatic mode you set the desired temperature and the air conditioner, once reached, will maintain it without using, therefore, the maximum power. So you not only save money on your energy bill, but also prevent the room from getting too cold. You will live in an environment that is still really comfortable. In short, dealing with the summer heat at home will no longer be a big problem.

Electrolux Exp09Hn1W6 Chillflex 9

Electrolux Exp09Hn1W6 Chillflex 9

  • Cooling capacity: 9,200 BTU/h, heating 8,000 BTU/h
  • Class A/A++
  • Heat pump heating function for year-round use
  • Self Evaporative System for high efficiency and automatic condensate disposal
  • Package contents: remote control; corrugated pipe for air disposal; connector for air pipe; window closing kit

Electrolux exp09hn1w6: for both summer and winter!

It’s not just the summer season that worries us because it’s certainly not better in winter. There is the opposite problem.
And how can we defend ourselves from the cold?
Radiators are among the most used solutions but usually there is always a room that is colder than others. So, to heat the coldest room, you can always use the Electrolux portable air conditioner exp09hn1w6 thanks to the heat pump that allows you to use it in heating mode. In this mode the power is 8000 btu (so suitable for heating rooms of 25 square meters) and the estimated consumption is 0.9 kWh/h(energy class A++). In cooling mode, however, the power is 9000 btu, the estimated consumption is 1 kWh / h and the energy class is A.
And if you want to learn more about the portable air conditioner Electrolux exp09hn1w6 read the list below:

  • Self Evaporative System: which is the automatic condensate disposal system with the condensate water used to cool the evaporator, so as to ensure better cooling.
  • Accessories already included: pipe connector, window kit, drain pipe and remote control.
  • Fine antibacterial filters: so that only pure air escapes, as they trap bacteria.
  • Easy to move thanks to the swivel wheels and handle.
  • Can also be used as a dehumidifier (1.2 l/h capacity) and fan (three speeds you can select).
  • Equipped with 24H timer.
  • Minimum noise level 44 db: you can install the Electrolux portable air conditioner in your bedroom as long as the noise (not excessive) does not bother you.
  • Sleep mode for night time use.
  • Dimensions: 764 x 465 x 397 mm.
  • Vertical swivel baffle: for more even air diffusion.

Electrolux exp09hn1w6 Chillflex 9: price and final review

What are the characteristics that distinguish Electrolux exp09hn1w6 from a “classic” 9000 btu portable air conditioner?

The possibility to use it all year round (normal air conditioners are used only in the warmer months) and, in addition, you choose the comfort temperature, so you will avoid a too cold environment and you will also save on electricity consumption. And be careful, in this regard, remember that this is a class A appliance (in cooling mode) and class A++ (in heating mode).
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