Electrolux portable air conditioner exp26u338cw: cold and pure air

The air conditioner is a real panacea when the torrid heat invades our days and makes us feel uncomfortable even at home. Thanks to the cold air emitted, it can cool down a room of any size.
But are we so sure that the air we breathe is free of pathogenic bacteria?Are weso sure that the air we breathe is pure?
Well, without the appropriate antibacterial filter it is very likely that what we breathe is absolutely impure air. Certainly cold, but not healthy air. This is why the Electrolux exp26u338cw portable air conditioner is equipped with a special antibacterial filter that has the task of filtering the air.

Electrolux EXP26U338CW

Electrolux EXP26U338CW

  • ChillFlex Pro allows you to always have a pleasant environment and set the optimal temperature for rest and relaxation. Pleasantly cool when it’s hot outside!
  • Our portable air conditioner has a high cooling capacity while using a minimal amount of energy.
  • Relaxation and comfort through excellent cooling capacity and airflow depending on the model.

Electrolux exp26u338cw: respects you and the environment

Not only pure air, the Electrolux exp26u338cw portable air conditioner is also appreciated because it is an eco-friendly product. Compared to other home appliances that still use R410a gas, this model uses R290. This gas is absolutely more ecological as its impact on global warming is almost 100% lower (precisely minus 99.8%). So by buying this air conditioner you’re not only doing yourself a favor, but also the environment.
And then there’s also the fact that it’s an air conditioner that offers more benefits, as you’ll find out below:

  • Digital display and touch buttons: adjusting the various settings will be really easy and the temperature (and various data) will be shown on the handy display.
  • Modern and elegant design: suitable for any home environment.
  • Self Evaporative System: improves energy efficiency thanks to the double fan that directs the fan towards the evaporator, so as to cool it.
  • Easy programming of on/off: thanks to the 24-hour timer.
  • Self-diagnosis and Filter Check: you will know intuitively if there are any anomalies. You’ll also find out if the filter is clogged, so you can clean it and ensure the correct operation of your Electrolux air conditioner.
  • 3 operating modes: air conditioner, fan (up to 3 speeds) and dehumidifier.
  • Functions: sleep and automatic.
  • Energy class A.
  • Silence: 64 db (at night, the more sensitive to noise, it may be annoying).
  • Easy to transport thanks to the swivel wheels and side handles.
  • Dimensions: 710 x 476 x 385 mm.
  • Adjustable air deflector: for a more homogeneous diffusion.
  • Power: 10,800 btu (suitable for rooms of about 30 square meters).
  • Included: remote control for remote control, fabric cover, window closure kit, connector for hose and hose for disposal (in short, you have everything you need).

Electrolux portable air conditioner exp26u338cw: price and final opinion

Why prefer Electrolux exp26u338cw to other 10000/11000 btu portable air conditioners?

Because the Electrolux is more ecological, spreads healthy air (thanks to the antibacterial filter), can also be used as a fan/dehumidifier and is very easy to program (thanks to the timer and the intuitive digital control panel, not to mention the remote control which is already included).
All the reasons that convinced us to consider the Electrolux portable air conditioner exp26u338cw one of the best models on the market and if you’re interested in buying it, click here.

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