Electrolux portable air conditioner exp26u758cw: saving 37%.

The purchase of an air conditioner allows us to better face the summer heat, but it is also true that these appliances are also quite expensive in consumption. Certainly we should expect a considerable increase in the bill. However, this happens especially if you opt for models with high energy consumption. Not if you opt for the Electrolux exp26u758cw Chillflex Pro Gold portable air conditioner.
Why not?
Because it is a class A++ appliance, so already compared to class A it allows a saving of 37%. Therefore, you can use it to cool a room of about 30 square metres (given that the power of the product is 9895 btu) with the awareness of having a portable air conditioner with low energy consumption. Estimated consumption of 1 kWh/h.

Electrolux Exp26U758Cw Chillflex PRO Gold

Electrolux Exp26U758Cw Chillflex PRO Gold

  • ChillFlex Pro allows you to always have a pleasant environment and set the optimal temperature for rest and relaxation. Pleasantly cool when it’s hot outside!
  • Our portable air conditioner has a high cooling capacity, using a minimum amount of energy.
  • Relaxation and comfort through excellent cooling capacity and airflow depending on the model.

Electrolux exp26u758cw Chillflex Pro Gold: low noise!

We know very well how a packaged air conditioner, precisely because of the particularity of not having any external unit, represents the noisiest cooling system on the market. So much so that it is often not recommended to use these products in the bedroom. With Electrolux exp26u758cw something changes from this point of view. Compared to other portable air conditioners it proves to be less noisy, thanks to the SuperSilent function.
The sound power drops to 41 db and this allows us to install it in the bedroom. Of course, it is necessary to mention that there is still some noise. This is unavoidable, but unlike other monoblock air conditioners we are on lower standards. So, if you’re tolerant of noise, you’ll have no problem installing it in your bedroom. If you can’t tolerate even the slightest noise, better mount it somewhere else.
Having specified this notable advantage, let’s move on to the description of all the others:

  • 99.8% greener gas: uses R290 refrigerant.
  • vertically adjustable deflector: for better air distribution.
  • Automatic operation: the Electrolux portable air conditioner will be able to independently manage the cooling of the environment.
  • Autorestart: it restarts automatically in case of black out.
  • Also dehumidifier and fan: the capacity in the first case is 1.2 l/h, while as fan we can select three different speeds.
  • Maximum air volume: 420 mc/h.
  • Programmable: thanks to the 24-hour timer.
  • Germ- and bacteria-free air: thanks to the antibacterial filter that only releases healthy and clean air into the environment.
  • Self Evaporative System: Condensed water is also evaporated to cool the evaporator to ensure even cooler air.
  • Intuitive interface with LCD display and remote control for remote management.
  • Self-diagnosis system: it automatically detects if there are any operating anomalies and promptly signals them.
  • Unit dimensions: 796 x 493 x 420 mm.
  • Wheels and handles for easy transport.
  • Accessories included: drain hose, remote control with lcd screen, window closure kit, fabric cover and hose connector.

Electrolux Chillflex Pro Gold exp26u758cw: price and reviews

What are the reasons to prefer the Electrolux exp26u758cw portable air conditioner to another model suitable to cool a room of maximum 30 sqm?

Certainly for the lower noise level which also allows the installation in the bedroom, for the fact that it is an absolutely ecological air conditioner and because it is a low energy consumption appliance(class A++). Aesthetically, it’s also a beautiful monoblock air conditioner with a Gold trim that makes it particularly elegant.
The price of the Electrolux exp26u758cw Chillflex Pro Gold is certainly not low but this is inevitable since we’re still talking about an innovative monoblock air conditioner and class A++.

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