Electrolux portable air conditioner: reviews, costs and functions

Do you want to find out the features of an Electrolux portable air conditioner?
Evaluate the prices of these appliances?
Find out which are the best models of this brand?
All this information you can read in the course of our article. And we will start right from the best portable air conditioners of the brand.

Best portable Electrolux air conditioner for cooling only: ChillFlex Pro

The Electrolux exp26u338cw (also called ChillFlex Pro A) air conditioner is ideal for cooling rooms up to 30 square meters.
This is one of the brand’s most environmentally friendly models, as it uses the R290 refrigerant gas. It spreads not only fresh air in the environment, but also pure since it is equipped with an antibacterial filter. Among other things, it is also a home appliance that is physically appreciative of its elegance.

Best Electrolux Portable Hot-Cool Air Conditioner: Chillflex Pro 10

For those who need an air conditioner that can be used all year round, then among the Electrolux models we suggest the Chillflex PRO 10. This is an air conditioner with heat pump. In heating mode its power is 7848 btu and is able to heat rooms up to 20 square meters. On the other hand, in cooling mode the power is higher(10335 btu) and you can use it for rooms of up to 30 square meters.
And if you want to find out all about this model, click on Electrolux Exp26U538Hw.

Best Electrolux Portable Low Energy Air Conditioner: Chillflex Pro Gold

The Chillflex Pro Gold is the most expensive of all the models mentioned so far, but it’s also the one that will save you money in the long run. That’s right, because it’s an A++ class air conditioner, whose estimated consumption is only 1 kW/h. And considering that the power is 9895 btu (so suitable for rooms of up to 30 square meters) you can only be satisfied.
Interested in finding out all about this air conditioner?
Then click on Electrolux exp26u758cw.

Electrolux portable air conditioners: the characteristics

We can immediately say that the Electrolux portable air conditioner is environmentally friendly, in fact it uses the zero emission gas R290 rather than the traditional gas R410a. In addition, depending on the model chosen, the energy consumption is absolutely low, since some air conditioners belong to the energy class A++. We point out that it can also be used only as a fan. Instead, some models such as Electrolux exp09hn1w6 can also be used for heating.

Among its most appreciated advantages it is impossible not to mention the low noise level. It’s impossible to expect an absolutely silent appliance, since we are talking about a portable air conditioner monoblock. Therefore, there is no external unit, which is the noisiest part and must be placed outside the room. However, when it comes to noise, the Electrolux portable air conditioner “defends” itself very well. And if we can stand the “low” noises, then we could use it even at night. Indeed, for the evening hours you can also activate the sleep mode that further reduces the noise.
Nevertheless, we still maintain the same idea: if you can’t even stand “low” noises at night (such as the annoying ticking of the clock hands), then you certainly can’t stand the air conditioner either (even in sleep mode).

The Electrolux portable air conditioner has more amenities that will make it easier to use. For example, we can manage the time it should stay on, thanks to the special timer. The settings can be adjusted either through the practical control panel or with the remote control.
Moving the air conditioner is facilitated by the presence of the multidirectional wheels. Movement is even easier thanks to the presence of side handles.

It is appreciated also aesthetically thanks to a design with attention to detail (the appearance is really elegant). You can also opt for very different designs. For example, there are models that resemble, in shape, a classic portable air conditioner or even more special models. Like theElectrolux Airflower that looks like a rose[find out more here].

Electrolux Portable Air Conditioners: Reviews

Do Electrolux portable air conditioners boast reasonable prices for the quality they offer?
For the models we’ve reviewed we can only say yes. And to prove it you can click on this link to read the reviews written by other users on one of the best models of the brand.

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