Eurom portable air conditioner: models for motorhomes and homes

Eurom is already a well-known brand in the field of portable cooling, thanks to air conditioners for caravans that have more than satisfied those who have purchased them. In this article, however, we will not only deal with these products, but also evaluate the new models for home and office. In short, appliances suitable for a different environment than that of the “four wheels”.
So, we invite you to the complete reading of this article to find out everything about the portable air conditioner Eurom and evaluate with us prices and best models.

Eurom portable air conditioners: prices of the best models

In the table below you will be able to view what we believe to be the best Eurom portable air conditioners. We have chosen a model suitable for installation in a motorhome and a model suitable for installation at home.
To check the availability of the products and also discover their characteristics, you just have to click on the links below “Discover the offer”.

Air conditioner for caravans Eurom: the characteristics

With the portable air conditioner for caravans Eurom we talk about models equipped with an external unit. The same can be easily installed outside the vehicle through the practical brackets. Therefore, there is no need to make any holes in the glass. And among other things, there is no need to use screws, for an installation that is really simple(everything you need is already provided).

The air conditioners for motorhomes Eurom(which can also be used in boats) allow to adjust the ventilation speed, are equipped with a special timer to program the switching on and off and boast reduced dimensions to facilitate the assembly and the storage.
Moreover, since it is a portable air conditioner with an external unit, it has the advantage of not being particularly noisy. Consequently, at night you will have a double relief: a comfortable environment and no excessive noise to bear (neither for you nor for other “camper neighbours”).
Among the most popular models on the market there is certainly Eurom AC2401[discover it here] which is the next and improved version of the already excellent Eurom AC2400.

Eurom air conditioner without external unit: the characteristics

Unlike the air conditioners for motorhomes, the models for home or office are definitely more powerful. They can reach a cooling capacity of up to 12000 btu [as in the case of theEurom Pac 12.2 whichyou can discover here]. These are no longer air conditioners with an outdoor unit, but portable packaged air conditioners, so the condenser is already inside the main unit. There will be no need to install any outdoor unit.

“And, so, is it necessary to drill holes in the window glass to get the pipe out?”.

Not necessarily, as in some cases there is an innovative flat vent that allows the exhaust pipe to pass through sloping and sliding windows (without any hole being drilled). However, it has to be said that you don’t have the same efficiency as when you drill a hole, unless you buy a window joint kit.

With some models, however, a window bar is supplied and in this case the hole must be made on the bar and not on the glass.
We conclude our article by stating that the Eurom portable air conditioner for home use can also be used as a dehumidifier and as a fan. And thanks to the timer you can regulate switch-off and switch-on.

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