How to choose a portable air conditioner?

Are you undecided between the various types of portable air conditioners on the market and don’t really know which one to choose?
You’re not sure which functions are most suitable?
What is the ideal power for your home environment
These and many other questions will be answered on this page. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get straight down to the business of choosing the perfect portable air conditioner for you.

Which portable air conditioner should you choose?

How will we help you choose the ideal portable air conditioner?

Simply by asking questions and giving them immediate answers. In each answer you will be able to click on links so that you can learn more about the topic.

Looking for an air conditioner with “maximum efficiency”?

The best performing type is certainly the portable air conditioner with an outdoor unit. It will be necessary to make a hole in the wall or use a sealing sheet in order to connect the base unit to the condenser that will be placed in the balcony. Ec is the most powerful of all prorpio because
And if you already want to discover one among the best models, click Trotec Pac 4600.

Looking for an extremely portable air conditioner?

Then here you are satisfied with the portable air conditioner with no outdoor unit. The condenser is already enclosed inside, which means you won’t have to place any condenser outside, which makes it easy to move the appliance.
And among the best models without an outdoor unit, we recommend De’Longhi PAC N87 Pinguino.

Looking for a ductless air conditioner?

Be warned: more like coolers than ductless air conditioners.
What is a cooler?
It is very similar to a fan, only it has a higher cooling power. The air is distributed in the room by a fan, but to make this air cooler, we have to put ice or cold water in special tanks. The principle of operation is completely natural.
Curious about this topic?
Click on “cooler” and find out more.

Dehumidifier, fan and air conditioner in one?

You can enjoy all these benefits simply by choosing a model with this triple functionality. And in this regard we would like to recommend, among the various 3 in 1 models that we have reviewed, Argoclima Nuk (if you click on the link you can read our review and also find out how much it costs).

Do you want a portable air conditioner that consumes little?

Then, you need to choose a model with an A economy class (such as theElectrolux exp26u338cw).
The maximum savings can be achieved with an appliance of class A+++, which compared to class A can guarantee even a 50% saving. Even if, of course, buying an A++ class air conditioner means spending more money.

Do you want to use your portable air conditioner also in winter?

Then go for an air conditioner with heat pump. The only one that allows you to enjoy the advantages of your appliance not only when the torrid summer arrives, but also when the temperatures drop. A valid use, therefore, for all seasons.
Among the various models on the market, we recommend theElectrolux exp26u538hw.

Do you want to use your portable air conditioner also at night?

Then you must choose a silent portable air conditioner.
In order to get a good night’s rest, your portable air conditioner must be silent in fact (and not only in words written on a description). That’s why we suggest paying attention to the declared noise level, which should not exceed 40/50 decibels. This is our advice, then, of course, much depends on your sensitivity to noise. You might also find a 65 db portable air conditioner ideal.

How do you calculate the ideal power of the air conditioner according to the surface to be cooled?

There is a very simple mathematical calculation you can do, considering that the power of a portable air conditioner is indicated in btu (340 Btu/h is equivalent to 1 watt/h). And in this regard, we invite you to read our article “Calculation of btu needed to cool a room“. where, after having understood the ideal power, we will also indicate the appropriate products that you can buy.

Do you want your portable air conditioner to turn on even when you are not at home?

Then, you will need to buy an appliance with a timer function, which will allow you to decide when your portable air conditioner should turn on and off. Not all timers are programmable to certain times. Some allow adjustment only by hours/minutes. For example: you can order your portable air conditioner to turn off in 30 minutes or maybe in two hours, but you can’t order it to turn on at 9 o’clock and turn off at 12 o’clock.
Among the best models with timers, we recommend Pinguino De’Longhi PAC AN97.

Thinking of keeping your portable air conditioner on for many hours, every day?

Then, get an inverter portable air conditioner. This innovative technology allows you to constantly and automatically adjust the power and speed of your portable air conditioner, saving you money on electricity consumption.

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