Joal digital air conditioner: all functions and our evaluation

The Joal digital air condition er despite being widely known as an air conditioner, is actually not. As also mentioned in our articles, coolers are often mistaken for portable air conditioners without a hose. But the reality is that “there are no such products because there are only evaporative coolers that do not need any exhaust pipe. The air that is emitted by the fan comes out cold thanks to the cold water or ice present in special internal trays. A clear difference compared to a real air conditioner.

And this difference means that Joal is only suitable for those who want to be “invaded” by a breeze of cold air. As if we were outdoors, sitting on the beach on a typical summer day and all of a sudden we were refreshed by a cold sea breeze. The sensation is quite pleasant and this (and more) is what the Joal cooler offers.
We’ve specified “and more” because the Joal is much more than just an evaporative cooler and we’ll find out all the functions in the review.

Climatizzatore portatile

Portable Air Conditioner

  • Hot and cold air conditioner, with cooling, heating, air purification, humidifier functions. Hot and cold: The cold system through water cycles cools the room in summer. Heat function for winter.
  • Advanced cooling technology, evaporated water removes heat and cools the environment, pollution-free and energy-saving. Energy saving and very low noise: only 80 W to cool.

Joal cooler: not just a cooler

The Joal cooler is not just a cooler, it can also be used for many other purposes (apart from as a portable air conditioner, as it is absolutely not).
What other purposes can I use it for?
Well, we will find out about these functions in the next sub-sections.

Joal ioniser

The air we breathe at home is not pure (it is even claimed that the air at home is less pure than the air we breathe in the city centre) and this depends on various factors. For example, the cleanliness or maybe how much we keep open doors and windows to ventilate the environment in which we live. And thanks to the digital air conditioner Joal we can fight this since it also performs the function of ionizer (releases ions into the air that make the environment healthier).

Joal dehumidifier

Fighting humidity in the house is quite necessary not only for our health, but also because the excessive water vapor leads to damage the plaster on the walls. And even in this case the Joal cooler comes to the rescue, as among its functions there is also that of dehumidifier.

Joal ventilator

Yes, in addition to its action of cooler, dehumidifier and ionizer, Joal does not miss even the simple function of fan. With the possibility for the operator to choose the air diffusion speed as well.
The difference between fan and cooler is as follows: in the second case the air that comes out is much cooler.

Joal aroma diffuser

Do you want to perfume the environment in which you live and perhaps use an essence to keep mosquitoes or other insects away?

Well, with the Joal digital air conditioner you can, for example, put a few drops of citronella essential oil (excellent against mosquitoes and insects in general) in the water basin and diffuse this aroma in the room.

Joal air conditioner also for hot weather

The Joal digital air conditioner is also suitable for heating a small room. The operation is typical of an electric convector, but we cannot expect the same effectiveness. On the other hand, there are specific models that are designed as convectors and are necessarily more effective than a multifunctional appliance that cannot excel in everything, otherwise it would have already beaten the competition.

We recommend it only for heating rooms that are not large and that are well insulated.
Warning: do not make the mistake of expecting immediate heating or even that it can heat a room of 40 square meters or even the whole apartment. It is not a main heating system, only a complementary one.
So, ok as long as we want to use it for a single small insulated room, but definitely don’t plan to use it for the whole house because it is not capable of doing that.

Joal 6 in 1 cooler: technical data sheet

You’ve read how the Joal cooler can be used for different purposes, now though let’s move on to the specifications and eventually we’ll also give our personal opinion on this product.
Here is the data sheet.

  • Heating mode: power of 1000 watts and 2000 watts.
  • Fan mode: three selectable speeds.
  • Cooler mode: cold power of 80 W; included in the purchase package are two ice boxes.
  • Timer: to program the operation.
  • Air flow: 25 m3/min.
  • 4 wheels: to easily move the Joal digital air conditioner.
  • Easy management: thanks to the practical control panel and the remote control (remote management for each mode).
  • Immediate installation: no need for a drainage pipe, just plug it into the socket.
  • Storage capacity: 4.5 litres.
  • Product dimensions: 34 x 26.5 x 76 cm.

Joal cooler: final opinion

In our opinion it is a good product, the important thing is not to consider it an air conditioner. If from this appliance we expect it to cool our room as a normal portable air conditioner would do, then better not to buy it because we would not be satisfied.

If we expect this appliance to heat a room of 40/50 square meters, well avoid buying it. We consider it suitable only for small/medium rooms of maximum 20 sqm. And this capacity also depends on the insulation of the room.
We consider it suitable to enjoy cold air, absolutely yes. As a cooler it is certainly a good product.
We also think it’s great as an aroma diffuser. It’s also good as an ioniser and dehumidifier, but let’s be clear: If a good dehumidifier already costs a lot more money, we can’t expect the same performance from the Joal digital air conditioner.

We really want to link to this last point to make a final observation.
The Joal digital air conditioner costs little[see price here] for what it offers. Consequently, we just have to ask ourselves:
Can a product that performs 6 functions in 1 excel in each of these functions and still maintain such a low price?
The answer is no. I’m sure you’ve given the same answer to this question, but then again, it can’t be any other way. So, it’s simply a product that as a cooler can be considered a top, while it doesn’t excel in the other 5 functions that, however, it must be acknowledged, it performs diligently. Reason for which we recommend the purchase.

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