Klarstein Highrise: not even bulky

What will immediately catch your eye when you have the chance to see the Klarstein Highrise live is its beauty. Undoubtedly one of the most elegant and most “discreet” coolers on the market. The tower design reaches a height of only 90 cm for a circumference of 24 cm, which makes it not a clutter at all. The glossy white color allows you to install the Klarstein Highrise in any room of the house.
Ah, and of course being a cooler you don’t have to do any masonry work or even drill holes in the window glass. There is no pipe to leak, simply plug everything into an outlet in the house.
Always remember that being an evaporative cooler (also called portable air conditioner without a tube) that emits cold air thanks to the water that we put in the tank of 2.5 liters, should be used in ventilated environments. If not, water vapor and a lot of moisture would form.

Klarstein Highrise

Klarstein Highrise

  • COMFORTABLE: The Klarstein Highrise cooler is the ideal companion for your summer, thanks to its ease of use and elegant appearance. The device has a comfortable touch display for adjustment.
  • MULTITALENT: The different functions are indicated by easy-to-understand symbols. Three intensity levels with the possibility of oscillation activation allow the device to be precisely adapted to the climate, the size of the room and the seating position of the guests.

Klarstein Highrise cooler with 3 ventilation modes!

When we are outside in the heat, sometimes a pleasant cool breeze cools us down in an unexpected but absolutely pleasant way. We would stay there for hours and hours enjoying that pleasant feeling. All the more so if you are perhaps on the beach sunbathing. In short, really pleasant sensations that you can also relive at home. That’s right, because with the Klarstein Highrise you can activate the natural mode, which has the task of simulating the wind. In addition to this mode, you can count on the normal mode (typical of a fan) and on the night mode. In the latter case the speed is reduced until the Klarstein cooler is completely turned off.
So far we have discovered some interesting functions on the Klarstein Highrise and below we will discover all the others:

  • Also humidifier: the air is not only cooled but also humidified.
  • Also purifier: Thanks to the removable filter, dirt particles are not diffused into the room.
  • Maximum air speed: 1.24 m/sec.
  • Low power consumption: 35 watts.
  • Oscillation: to improve air circulation.
  • Timed use: thanks to the integrated timer (1 to 7 hours).
  • Touch panel with intuitive controls.
  • Remote control: by means of the supplied remote control. There is a shelf on which to place the remote control.
  • Equipped with non-slip rubber pads and a compartment for easy transport (among other things, the Klarstein Highrise is also light since it weighs only 4.3 kg).
  • Cable length of 1.60 m.
  • Included with the purchase: in addition to the aforementioned remote control, also the siberino (to lower the water temperature even more).

Klarstein Highrise evaporative cooler: price and final opinion

Why do you prefer the Klarstein Highrise to other evaporative coolers?Because it is definitely a product with a really nice design and space-saving, In addition, it not only cools the air but humidifies and purifies it. In addition, we have pleasantly appreciated the possibility to improve the air circulation thanks to the integrated oscillation.
Reasons that make the Klarstein Highrise absolutely one of the best coolers on the market, which is also supported by the opinions of those who already use it. Opinions that you can read by visiting this site (where you can also review the cost and features of the cooler).

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