Klarstein Metrobreeze 12 Las Vegas: 12000 btu air conditioner

Do you need to make the temperature of a 40 sqm room more pleasant?

Then you certainly need a rather powerful portable air conditioner, and the Klarstein Metrobreeze 12 Las Vegas is one, in fact it has a capacity of a whopping 12000 btu.
What also differentiates it from other air conditioners is the ability to adjust the level of the desired temperature. You are the one who chooses how far it should make the room comfortable. In fact, you can select the level to be reached by opting for a minimum value of 16°C up to a maximum value of 32°C. With other models this is not possible and as a result the air conditioner can also make the room less than comfortable (depending on your personal needs).

Klarstein Metrobreeze 12 Las Vegas

Klarstein Metrobreeze 12 Las Vegas

  • TEMPERATURE PROFESSIONAL: The Metrobreeze 12 Las Vegas air conditioner from Klarstein is the ideal solution to easily bring freshness into your living or working space and create a climate of maximum well-being.
  • POWERFUL: The 3in1 air conditioner cools rooms on hot days to a pleasant temperature of between 16 and 32 °C and distributes the air optimally with the powerful 3-speed fan.

Metrobreeze Las Vegas: control its operation throughout the day without ever getting off the sofa!

Do you want to be the one who decides in advance how long the monoblock air conditioner should stay on?

With the Klarstein Metrobreeze 12 Las Vegas you can, thanks to the integrated timer, decide for yourself.
Do you, for example, only want it to stay on for two hours?
Set the timer for up to two hours.
You can set the air conditioner to run for up to 24 hours (in other words, the whole day). And what makes us like this Klarstein product even more is that you can manage the timer and other settings without having to physically interact with the appliance. Just have the remote control with you and from a distance adjust the various settings.
Of course the remote control is already included. And now find out with the list below what are the other features of the Metrobreeze 12 Las Vegas.

  • Eco Mode: To reduce power consumption, in this mode the air conditioner turns off after 8 hours.
  • It can also be used as a dehumidifier and as a fan (in which case you can also activate the oscillation function).
  • Adjustable fan speed: you can choose between slow, medium and fast.
  • Moveable 360° casters: for easy movement of the Klarstein Metrobreeze 12 Las Vegas.
  • Energy efficiency class A: estimated consumption of 1.3 kw/60 min.
  • Maximum noise level of 62 decibels: we do not recommend installation in the bedroom.
  • Control panel with intuitive LED display: you will have no difficulty in understanding how to interact with the air conditioner thanks to the specific symbols shown.
  • Accessories already included: exhaust hose (1.5 metres long), set of gaskets for sliding windows and remote control.
  • Dimensions and weight. 44 x 80 x 40 cm – 34 kg.

Klarstein Metrobreeze Las Vegas 12: opinions

Why do you prefer the Klarstein Metrobreeze 12 Las Vegas to other 12000 btu packaged air conditioners?

Because it allows you to set the desired level of comfort, aesthetically it is really nice (thus resulting also a home appliance) and with the timer you choose how long it should remain on.
We recommend the purchase[click here and find out if it is available and what are the opinions of those who already bought it] to those who need to cool a room of up to 40 square meters. The important thing, however, is that this room is not the bedroom, because at night the Klarstein Las Vegas turns out to be a bit noisy.

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