Klarstein portable air conditioner: costs and models also of coolers

Klarstein offers two different possibilities to cool your home environment: portable air conditioner and cooler. Although at first glance it may seem to be the same product, this is not the case, since the Klarstein portable air conditioner has an exhaust pipe and, for all intents and purposes, air condition the room. The cooler does not require any exhaust pipe but since it is not a true air conditioner, it does not cool the room. Its main job is to give benefit to those who come into contact with its “cold breeze”. Just like the fan would do, only the effect is definitely more pleasant and cooler.
This is the substantial difference between a cooler and a portable air conditioner Klarstein, to find out more about its features you can read the appropriate paragraphs. First though, we will stick to offers and best models.

Best portable air conditioner Klarstein: Blizzard 3 2G

Among Klarstein portable air conditioners, our choice fell on the Blizzard 3 2G.
Why this product?
First of all because it is a beautiful air conditioner (and this never hurts) and also because it consumes little. In fact, the consumption is estimated to be below one kw/h.
Not an “exuberant” appliance, but still able to satisfy those who want to adequately cool a room of about 25 square meters. And if you want to know even more about the air conditioner in question, click on Klarstein Pure Blizzard 3 2g.

Best Klarstein portable ductless air conditioner: Skyscraper Horizon

The Klarstein Skyscraper Horizon impresses with both its design and its various functions. Like any cooler, it doesn’t have any tubes, and thanks to the remote control, you don’t even have to interact with the device’s control panel. You can do it all from a distance.
And, as mentioned, there are various features. For example, you can turn the timer on or off, set it to work as a humidifier or as a fan (as well as a cooler). And again: you can activate the adjustable blades to spread the air more evenly.
Want to know more?
Click on the Klarstein Skyscraper Horizon and read our review.

Klarstein portable air conditioners: the features

The first advantage you have with a Klarstein portable air conditioner comes from its “3-in-1” operation. You’ll not only have an air conditioner, but also a fan (multiple speeds selectable) and a dehumidifier. And of course there will be the possibility to adjust the temperature of the cold air thanks to a practical control panel. This can also be done remotely using the remote control.

Consumption is low, given that we are talking about appliances belonging to energy class A (or higher). They are monoblock air conditioners so we cannot expect the maximum noiselessness, but it is right to specify how Klarstein models have fought very well this typical defect of these appliances. The noise is there, but it is acceptable. It won’t be as annoying as with other portable air conditioners.
And for those who intend to use it at night, they can take advantage of the Sleep mode. Doing so reduces the cooling power and, consequently, the noise as well.

Additional features include the presence of the 24-hour timer, so you get to decide how long the Klarstein portable air conditioner should stay on. Feature with which the Klarstein Metrobreeze 9 NYC is equipped.
Also worth mentioning is the elegant design that distinguishes every air conditioner of the brand. And among the most “fascinating” (personal taste) we mention the Klarstein New Breeze 9. And each model is also easily movable thanks to the multi-directional wheels.

Klarstein cooler: the characteristics

Leaving aside the differences between a cooler and a portable air conditioner (since we’ve already mentioned them) let’s go straight to the features.
In this case you have a product that can be used as a humidifier and as a fan. Models like the Klarstein Skyscraper Ice are also purifiers.
The air can be redirected 360° thanks to the presence of the movable fins (as in the case of the Klarstein Whirlwind).

There are both the wheels to move the evaporative cooler from one room to another without making efforts and the remote control for those who want to manage it remotely. Possibility to set the operating time of the cooler thanks to the timer.
Once again we are positively surprised by the design, with the Klarstein Highrise proving to be not only one of the most beautiful models of the brand, but also one of the least bulky.

Klarstein portable air conditioners and coolers: final opinion

The final opinion on the brand Klarstein is certainly positive because the products offered boast not only various functions, but are also beautiful to see. Klarstein from this point of view is certainly one of the most committed brands to take care also of the aesthetic aspect.
On the economic front, instead, coolers are certainly the least expensive models[as you can see here] but they are also the least efficient for cooling the room. So air conditioners (for obvious reasons) cost more, but there are some “cheaper” models, such as the Klarstein New Breeze 7.

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