Klarstein Pure Blizzard 3 2g: The hole in the glass is not necessary

Would you like to buy a portable air conditioner, but you are not entirely convinced because you don’t feel like drilling a hole in the window?

Well, it is not always necessary to drill the hole as there are also window seals available in the market. However, these seals must be purchased separately, which adds to the final cost of the air conditioner. Not always though, because by opting for the Klarstein Pure Blizzard 3 2g the kit is already included. Moreover, the other accessories that you will find already in the purchase package are: the exhaust hose (1.50 m long, 15 cm diameter), the remote control (with attached batteries), the mounting kit and the instruction manual.

Klarstein Pure Blizzard 3 2G

Klarstein Pure Blizzard 3 2G

  • POWERFUL: The Klarstein air conditioner brings fresh air into your rooms during the summer and, with fan and dehumidifier, creates a pleasant climate of well-being. Its compressor ensures high power and low consumption.
  • SIMPLE: With the control panel on the top side, you can easily adjust the air conditioner according to your individual needs, so you can have temperatures between 17 and 30 °C, depending on your preferences.

Klarstein Pure Blizzard portable air conditioner: low energy consumption!

Another of the advantages offered by the Klarstein Pure Blizzard 3 2g portable air conditioner concerns energy consumption. You won’t have to worry too much about high energy bills, since the power consumption is 808 watts (7000 btu). Its energy class is A. And it is able to cool a room of about 25 square meters.

In addition, being equipped with a 24-hour timer, you choose in advance when the air conditioner should turn on and when it should turn off. Being able to program in an optimal way the hours of operation of the appliance and maybe provide the ignition only in the evening hours to consume less. The timer (as well as the other functions) can be activated and regulated both by interacting with the intuitive panel placed on the upper part of the device and by using the remote control.

Always to contain consumption you can activate the Sleep mode, so the Klarsein air conditioner maintains an ideal comfort temperature by reducing the speed and consumption. As for the noise level, it is also reduced, but not to the point where you don’t hear any noise. Consequently, if you’re a very light sleeper this could be a problem.
And after having described all these features, it’s time to move on to an exhaustive list regarding all other features not yet described:

  • Adjustable temperature between 17°C and 30°C: so you can set the comfort level of the room and avoid, even then, excessive consumption or a temperature in the room lower or higher than the one you wanted.
  • Fan with two speeds: high and low.
  • Adjustable deflectors: so you can direct the air where you want it.
  • Swivel wheels: to facilitate moving the Klarstein portable air conditioner from one room to another.
  • It can be used as a dehumidifier with a water tank of 19.2 liters: this allows us not to have to empty it continuously, given the high capacity.
  • Dimensions: 30 x 76 x 31 cm.
  • Refrigerant used R410A.

Klarstein Blizzard Pure 3 2g: opinions

What is the extra strength that the Klarstein Pure Blizzard 3 2g portable air conditioner offers over other 7000 btu models?

The low energy consumption. You have multiple features that save you money starting from the adjustable temperature all the way to the timer, where you manage right away the hours the Blizzard Pure should stay on. What’s more, it’s a Class A portable air conditioner, and that’s already reassuring given that such appliances save you a lot of money compared to lower class models.

Don’t forget that included in the price there is already the practical gasket kit to install the Klarstein monoblock air conditioner without having to drill any glass.
So, adding all these advantages we consider the Klarstein Pure Blizzard 3 2g a portable air conditioner absolutely to buy as long as it is used for rooms of about 20 square meters.
Our positive opinion is also shared by those who have already made the purchase[as you can see here].

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