Laminox portable air conditioner: all about models for campers and boats

When you are looking for a split cooling system for your motorhome or perhaps for your boat, one of the most popular solutions on the market is the Laminox portable air conditioner (specifically the Mistralvan series).
Why this solution? What does it offer more than others?
One of the reasons (we will discover the others in the course of the article) is the ease with which the air conditioner can be installed. If, for example, you want to install it in a caravan, you don’t have to make any changes to the window. Just install the practical mounting brackets (already included). No other physical intervention is needed and the installation can be done by anyone.

Laminox Mistralvan portable air conditioners: prices of the best models

Of all the other features that distinguish the portable air conditioner Mistralvan we will deal with them in the next paragraph, now instead we pass to the best models of the brand. They are visible in the table below and, in addition to being able to evaluate the price, you just need to click on the link “Discover the offer” to evaluate the functions of each product.

Mistralvan portable air conditioner: the characteristics

Mistralvan series air conditioners are not bulky and this is another of the benefits that makes us particularly appreciate them. On the other hand, to install such appliances in a camper or a boat, where certainly the space can not be much, it is necessary that the dimensions are not excessive. Both with regard to the main unit placed inside the structure and with regard to the condenser placed outside.

Of course, we cannot call the Mistralvan portable air conditioner absolutely silent, but it is certainly not too noisy. It can be turned on even at night (unless you are intolerant of even the slightest noise). It won’t be a nuisance to your “camper neighbours” either.
Thanks to the timer function (the duration of which varies according to the model chosen) we can set the maximum running time of the portable air conditioner. So, if you want it to stay on for three hours, for example, all you have to do is set the relevant parameters. It will also be possible to choose the level of cooling.

Laminox portable air conditioner: prices that equal quality!

As written in the previous paragraphs, to us the portable air conditioner Laminox Mistralvan has convinced and we recommend its use, especially in campers. Considering it the best solution for those who need an effective cooling system, discreet (it does not take up much space) and easy to install. These are absolutely essential features for those who want a split air conditioner for caravans (also usable for boats, buses or even homes).

And what about the economic side, are you satisfied?

In our opinion, yes, and we are not the only ones who have been pleasantly surprised by the good value for money[as you can see here]. By clicking on the link just provided you’ll be able to view the comments of those who have purchased the best portable air conditioner Laminox Mistralvan, as well as being able to view the price and features of the above mentioned model.

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