Macom evaporative cooler: models and functions

If you choose a Macom evaporative cool er you are not only opting for a better cooling system than the classic fan, but you are also opting for an ionizer. Consequently, the appliance is not only useful for releasing a pleasant cold breeze, but also for purifying the environment in which it will be used thanks to the diffusion of ions. So, we will have a double benefit.
And the advantages do not concern only this aspect, as we will have the opportunity to discover in the course of the article.

Macom evaporative cooler: prices of the best models

Usually in our articles we choose the three best models of the brand we are talking about, but this time we didn’t need to choose since there are only three Macom coolers on the market. Of them you can find out the price below and by clicking on the links you can also discover the specific characteristics.

Macom cooler: the characteristics

One of the defects of the coolers (although this also depends on the needs of each) is that relating to the flow of air that, if we do not move the device manually, is always directed in the same direction. In this way there is a less homogeneous diffusion and above all it is necessary every time to personally change the position of the cooler or of the fins. With the Macom cooler there will be no need for your intervention, because you can set the automatic rotation.

Among the other features we can not fail to mention the wheels that, unlike the models of other brands, are also locking(not only multi-directional). This ensures greater safety in the positioning of the Macom evaporative cooler.
In addition, we would like to point out that the Macom cooler is also equipped with a remote control so you can manage all the settings from a distance. Amongst these, we would like to point out the possibility of modifying the air speed (perhaps going from the lowest to the highest level) and the possibility of programming the cooling unit to turn off.

The design of the various models is also beautiful and original. Satisfied the different personal tastes thanks to the presence of column coolers, others with a more rounded shape and others with an elongated shape but more compact.

Macom cooler: prices and final opinion

If you are interested in buying a Macom evaporative cooler you can see here the price ofone of the most purchased models, however we would like to remind you that these products are not air conditioners at all (even if they are also called water coolers). Consequently, you need to realize that they cannot drastically lower the temperature in the room. They only bring a bit of extra coolness, but once they are turned off that comfort vanishes. Just like a fan. As long as it is on we enjoy the benefits, once it is turned off the heat “comes back”.

So, buy a Macom evaporative cooler only if you are clear about the effects of this product. And another fundamental clue that distinguishes it from an air conditioner, is the need to use it only in an airy environment.
If used correctly and if you do not expect air conditioner performance, the Macom cooler is a good product. Otherwise dissatisfaction will be inevitable.

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